My AtoZChallenge Theme Is Sparky


A to Z April Challenge 2015 Theme Reveal #AtoZChallenge

Sparky sitting I love writing, blogging challenges make me a creative thinker and writer, A to Z Challenge is the greatest writing treat. I have participated in this challenge every year since 2012, three years of creative writing fun 🙂

This year I have a different theme, those who know me will understand my theme well. My pet dalmatian, Sparky, is eleven years old and has been unwell for a while now. Our last visit to the vet made us sit up and face facts, we are ready for any eventuality but it is not easy. As I write this, she is lying on bed next to me, weak and tired but happy to be with me.

atoz-theme-reveal-2015-660x4001This year I will be writing anecdotes about Sparky, her loving and generous nature, her naughtiness, likes and dislikes. This will be my way of reliving our moments together, we are doing everything in our power to keep us with us for some more time. She is a fighter, and miracles do happen.
So get ready to fall in love with my Sparky 🙂
I signed up for the A-Z April Challenge 2015, what about you?
Happy writing…

32 thoughts on “My AtoZChallenge Theme Is Sparky

  1. I absolutely ADORE Dalmatians and had one of my own for nearly 16 years. ♥ Such intelligent and beautiful dogs. Can’t wait to read your posts!

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