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This is my fourth time at #AtoZChallenge and my theme this year is Sparky. You can read about my theme in detail here

Adorable SheThe story continues…

Kids etdIf you have followed my posts from the beginning of this blogging challenge, you’d know what this picture means πŸ™‚ You can see the happiness on their faces after they got Sparky home.

Today I will let the pictures do the talking.

Kidss etd
Little Kartik handing over Sparky to his big sister πŸ™‚

Both of them took turns caring for Sparky, carrying her out into the garden after her every meal to get her used to the idea of relieving herself out of the house. I sat back and watched them being responsible and caring for the little pet they loved so much.

To be continued…

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By Sulekha Rawat

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24 thoughts on “Excitement At Home

  1. I’m not sure there is anything more exciting than bringing home a new puppy and you boys look happy and proud. Sulekha, I’m not sure if you are a aware, but when I click on your name when you commented on my blog that it takes me to your google page and the link on there still takes me to your old blog from 2012. I am sure there are ways you can add this page to your google home page that would make it easier for people to find you in this years challenge.
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  2. I can see and feel the kids excitement ! Sparky coming home, what joy! Fun to relive the happy moments with you Sulekha:-)

    1. Prasanna, they tried very hard, initially πŸ™‚ but my daughter, Shloka, was in class 10 and her boards were due in a couple of months, Kartik was too young πŸ™‚ There were a lot of snakes running about the place where we lived, so we were extra careful while taking Sparky out for walks πŸ™‚

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