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This is my fourth time at #AtoZChallenge and my theme this year is Sparky, my 11-year-old Dalmatian. You can read all about my theme here.

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Blogging From A To Z Challenge (April 2015)

The story continues – Darling of the house

My daughter, Shloka, carried Sparky inside the house with Kartik, my son, yelling Me, Me. I just stood in one corner and watched the unparalleled joy on my children’s faces. Shloka was in class 10 and Kartik in class 7 but they looked like babies admiring their most precious toy. How could I take this joy away from my children? Couldn’t I learn to live with my fear and be the mother they would love to look up to? At that moment nothing else mattered more than keeping that look of happiness and wonder on my kids’ faces, my mind was made up but they didn’t know it yet.

Just then Sparky looked up at me and her eyes seemed to bore into my soul, as if questioning my reluctance in accepting her into my heart and home. Shloka and Kartik picked Sparky up after the allotted 2 hours and trudged out to leave her back with her mother, Spooky. I followed them there and when my friend opened the door and saw me, she knew I had changed my mind. She picked up Sparky and put her in Shloka’s arms and told her she was hers forever, a gift.

Shloka couldn’t believe her ears, she looked at me for confirmation and I nodded in agreement. Kartik and Shloka hugged me and promised to look after Sparky, clean up after her, take her for walks and do everything for her. I wasn’t to lift a finger for Sparky except making her food; they even offered to help me with cooking it. How long did they keep their word is another story altogether 🙂

I realized that sometimes the happiness of those we love is more important than self-preservation. As I glanced at the tiny puppy sleeping in my daughter’s arms, I thought to myself, “I am so much bigger than her, what can she do to me?”

My children understood something crucial that day too, they were convinced I loved them more than life itself and would go to any lengths to shield them from life’s blows and safeguard their happy smiles. By welcoming Sparky into our house, I added another loving member to my family…contd.

By Sulekha Rawat

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30 thoughts on “Darling Of The House

  1. I repent not having read your posts from April 1. But I made up by reading all your posts now. I just couldn’t help notice the coincidences with Sparky and Cookie (the dalmatian of my home). She is 2 years old now but entered our lives as a puppy in Dec 2012 just before Christmas and has been a darling ever since. My mom (just like you) was apprehensive of dogs and now she is the first one to stroke or play with Cookie. 🙂 Looking forward to your posts on Sparky and wishing her a speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks a ton for making the effort to read all my posts. I love the name, Cookie, share her pic with me please 🙂 Sparky is a sweetheart with a will to survive and be with us, because she knows I won’t be able to handle her going away.

  2. I think Sparky loved you in that moment. But the line that caught my attention was – I realized that sometimes the happiness of those we love is more important than self-preservation – how perfectly put.

  3. You made the right decision 🙂 Your story reminded me of Hachiko’s story where the professor’s wife was initially reluctant to let the pup stay at home and gradually she saw how her husband had grown to love Hachiko. Waiting to read more 🙂

    1. Prasanna, I love Hachiko’s story, cried so much while watching the movie.I fell in love with my Sparky when I picked her up for the first time and she licked my hand.

  4. Aww! So sweet. Glad you gave in to the happiness of your children and let them have Sparky! Liked the way you have written this chapter! Very evocative 🙂

  5. How sweet! I’m glad you did the right thing for your kids and for you by letting their happiness take over your fear! 🙂 Yay, you!

  6. Lucky…….now I know why you were so afraid of Spooky (in Fernsons)……LOL!!!!!Loving the story on our Sparky.

  7. While Sagarika’s husband Rishab, ensures that she is well taken care of in the hospital and then back at home, he seems elusive about their past and that is something which is very unsettling for Sagarika. He seems to be hiding something and she can’t figure it out. Add to it the fact that a particular fragrance send her in a tizzy and her obsession with word Cheeni, you really feel for her as she is clutching onto bits and pieces of her memory. The character of Sagarika, her vulnerability, her stark contrast personalities are something that Kanchana Banerjee, the author of the book has etched very well.

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