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This is my fourth time at #AtoZChallenge and my theme this year is Sparky. You can read about my theme in detail here

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G- Golf course

Did I ever mention that my Dalmatian Sparky is from Kerala? She was born in Kochi and spent the first five years of her happy life living in a huge house with a garden and lots of snakes for company. There was a golf course in our neighborhood and we used to carry Sparky there in the evenings, she used to love it. When she grew stronger we would take her for walks on the walking path around the golf course.

This is the same golf course where my friend, Sukhi, encouraged me to take up golf. I began by practicing hitting the ball over at the driving range. Initially the simple act of hitting the ball with an iron club is a lot harder but it becomes easier with practice and coaching. The caddies become half-pros just by watching the players, day in and out and they taught me a lot about the game. To focus on the job at hand, attention to detail and patience are some of the many positives I imbibed when I took up the challenge of learning to play golf.

There used to be lots of birds sitting on the grass on the golf green and Sparky loved chasing them. She was full of energy and would run like a panther hot on the heels of her prey. The birds secretly laughed at Sparky’s excitement and tantalized her by waiting till the last-minute before taking off, with Sparky an inch away from their white feathers.

One day, as usual, the mean birds were at their elemental best, teasing my Sparky and flying off when she reached them. Sparky got so excited while chasing a low flying bird one day that she kept her eyes on the flying target and forgot to see where she herself was headed. There was a water body within the course, a water hazard for players, and Sparky jumped into the water during the chase. It took her a few seconds to realize what she had done; the palpable panic on her face broke our hearts. My husband ran to one end of the pond and I ran to the other side, Sparky stopped in the middle and froze for a second but immediately turned back and paddled back to safety.

We pulled her out of the muddy water, cleaned her up as best as could and then carried her home for a hot bath and chicken broth 🙂

To be continued…

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By Sulekha Rawat

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P.S. – I missed out on writing G, H and I posts due to unexpected travel plans but am trying to catch up 🙂

5 thoughts on “Golf Course

  1. Oh, dogs do love chasing birds! Our Pepper (he was a Dalmatian too) used to run around the garden like crazies!

  2. I’ve never played gold, but hubby enjoys it,though he says he’s not really good at it. I am almost the only house on our whole street without a dog. Traveling alot it doesn’t make sense to have one, plus we people are actually outnumbered on the street. There are more dogs then people because everyone has 2 of 3. Snakes…yikes, I really dislike snakes.

  3. Poor sparky. I hope the treat at home made her feel better 😀 I have never had a pet. So I don’t know about the fun. But reading this, I am realizing how much fun I have missed out.

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