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This is my fourth time at #AtoZChallenge and my theme this year is Sparky, my 11-year-old Dalmatian. You can read all about my theme here.

Adorable SheThe story continues…

K – Kitten in the house …Estelle

Lucky’s Law – ‘The more scared a mother is of insects and animals, the more animals her kids bring home to nurse and adopt.’

My daughter, Shloka, is a champion for the underdog. She has this uncanny knack of locating and rescuing injured birds and animals, it has not diminished with age. She was an animal lover at age 10 and is an even more vocal and dedicated advocate for them at age 25, and is a qualified lawyer to boot.

One day the children playing football in front of our house found a kitten in a drain, my kids wanted to bring her home but one of their friends took her. His mother wouldn’t let him keep the sickly kitten at their place so he brought her to ours. My kids were thrilled, Sparky was skeptical.

Shloka decided to call the kitten by a name of her choice, Estelle. Sparky didn’t care much for Estelle but she let the tiny malnourished kitten follow her around. Estelle loved eating from Sparky’s bowl, playing with Sparky’s tail and generally being a pest. It was nice to see Sparky being so gentle and patient with Estelle until one day. Estelle played with Sparky’s tail, scratching and bugging her; Sparky flattened her with her paw and just stood over Estelle as if frozen. Sparky was good at chasing and catching her prey but just didn’t know what to do with them once they were within her grasp.

She let go of Estelle after a moment and walked out of the room as if ashamed of her outburst while Shloka picked up Estelle and tried to comfort her after this near squishing incident.

By Sulekha Rawat

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  1. Hahah – what a fun read.Can just picture skeptical Sparky— with that new little creature around… “What on earth has these people come up with now?” Right:-) Lovely read, Sulekha

  2. LOL@ Lucky’s Law. It is so true/ Did Estelle become a part of your family? Emjoyed reading this post 🙂

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