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I am participating in the #writebravely #writetribeproblogger October 2017 challenge. The story I am attempting to write is not about just one ‘Asha’, but many like her in our society. The trauma and heartbreak her parents go through has been experienced by many more such helpless parents. This story highlights the issue of dowry demands and domestic violence in our society. Today’s post is part five of the story.

Today’s prompt is Disobedience

Links to the first four parts of the story are given below. Do read these before reading today’s story as it is a continuation. Don’t miss out on crucial twists and turns of the story.

Part 1 Pattern

Part 2 Nostalgic

Part 3 Terminal

Part 4 Bated Breath


The story continues-

Asha was punished for her disobedience. Why couldn’t she just obey his commands? The honeymoon lasted merely two weeks. A month after her marriage was the first time Vilas showed his true colors to Asha.
They had dined out after watching a movie at the PVR cinema at the mall. Vilas had even bought her a vial of perfume she’d liked. On reaching home, a smiling Asha was faced with an angry household. Her in laws and sister in law looked ready to kill her and Asha was confused. Why were they glaring at her and why didn’t Vilas say something to diffuse the situation? They took Vilas aside and whispered something in his ear. Vilas told them to go to sleep and not worry about a thing.

He ushered Asha into their room before disappearing into the washroom. Asha changed into her Lilac negligee before climbing into bed. She waited in anticipation for Vilas to come to bed and end the evening on a perfect note. He sauntered out of the bathroom with a studied look on his face.
‘ Asha did you ask your father to send me the rest of the money I owe Dua?
‘ No, Vilas. How can I ask him for a loan again.? He had sent us 50,000 only last month.
‘ It is not a loan if he gives it to his daughter. Call him up tomorrow and tell him to send the remaining 1,50000 tomorrow. Did you know Dua had sent his goons to our house to collect the money I owe him? My family is terrified.’
‘ No! But I will not call my father again. It is so embarrassing asking for money. You have to first return the 50,000 you had borrowed from him before you can ask for a new loan. You’d said it was a loan. Decency demands at least this much, Vilas.’


The occupants of the pristine white mansion slept peacefully while the new bride was being taught a lesson in the difference between obedience and disobedience.


‘Mummy, will you help me study for my English grammar test tomorrow?’

Before Uma could nod in agreement her husband spoke up,

‘Asha ,why do you want to trouble your mother? She does enough household work the whole day. Let her rest for a while before starting preparations for dinner. I will teach you.’

‘Mummy says she likes teaching me. Last test she taught me the sums in mathematics and I got 10/10.’

‘That was mathematics, easy to teach. English grammar is tough even for me, what will she teach you?  I will help you study but let me drink my tea first.

‘Thank you Papa, I love you.’

Asha ran inside the room to get her books.

‘Papa I don’t understand grammar especially opposite words.’

‘What is the most difficult word for you?’

‘Papa, it is OBEDIENCE. What is the opposite?’


Uma stood in the kitchen and smiled wryly listening to her husband teach their daughter grammar. Maybe he had forgotten that she had done her Masters in English Literature form Mumbai University and could teach him a thing or two about the language. Asha was learning the difference between Obedience and Disobedience

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge

37 thoughts on “Disobedience #writebravely

  1. True colours shown by husband after a month of marriage. I like your narration. I know, i tell this again and again for every post but i had to. ☺

  2. Daughter-in-laws are expected to obey the in-laws and husband with no questions. And laying hand on wife is perfectly okay because she has to be taught how to be obedient! Rubbish. It’s disheartening to see how unkind Asha’s life had become. I hope the culprits would get punished somehow. Sulekha, you are a wonderful storyteller. Asha doesn’t reside only in your words but our hearts too, that’s the power of your pen.

  3. We are so unused to physical violence in our lives that the idea leaves us completely chilled. I love how you juxtapose two parts of Asha’s life – from a cherished daughter to an abused wife. That’s a great bit of storytelling.

    1. Tulika, this is a first for me. The idea came subconsciously and stayed for good. I hope to make this story into an ebook after the blogging challenge is over. Thanks for your lovely comment.

  4. Oh Sulekkha, you are breaking my heart 🙁 I know I said this before but I will say this again – I know how this ends, but It really is too much to see Asha go through this torture every step of the way. I only hope and pray that no one gets to live a life like this…
    Amazing writing, as usual.

  5. Domestic violence in the name of teaching a lesson. Dowry demands in the name of gift to daughter. Obedience as a sign of cultured daughter in law. The society has different views on things. When will we change?

    Great post, Sulekha! You are doing such a fabulous job with the prompt and the challenge.

    1. Parul, your comment is so encouraging! Thanks . Society has brainwashed the women into thinking they are the peacekeepers in the marriage and should go to any lengths to stay in the marriage however unhappy they are because it is their duty. Things are changing and there are many good men who refrain from demanding dowry and inflicting violence on women but their numbers must rise to stop these atrocities.

  6. Yes I agree. In most families this scene happens. Obedience and disobedience….No it’s not about it . It’s a way to control, dominate and abuse a woman. Waiting for the next. Hope Asha stands up for herself.

  7. The flashbacks are well connected with the present. Also I see how you have shown that male dominance is deep rooted in our society. Although Uma has her masters in English, her husband thinks that she is not good enough to teach their daughter. Its very difficult to change the ways of the society.

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