Roxy and Emilio

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When will Roxy learn that Emilio is not, the one,
Who will appreciate her love and give her, her due.
He will not understand her fears or fulfil her needs,
He will just walk away, whenever he feels.
Uncaring, that he is breaking her heart.
Unaware, that she has unconditionally,
worshipped him from the start.

Why does Roxy long for Emilio?
Why can’t she see him for what he is?
Why does she kiss the ground he walks on?
Why can’t she let him be?

Emilio shuns Roxy every step of the way,
and doesn’t give her the time of the day.
He feeds on her attention, but ignores her.
He breaks her heart at every chance, and
walks away without a backward glance.

What she needs to do first and foremost,
is to kick him where it hurts the most.
Treat him as shabbily as he has, treated her.
A blow so fine that he always remembers.

Roxy needs to bring Emilio down,
a rung or two, on her ladder of love.
She needs to make him see the folly,
of his wayward ways.
Give him a chance to redeem himself,
in a couple of days.

But if he still cannot see her true love,
he needs to be sent packing right away,
and never allowed to be anywhere,
near Roxy, come what may.

Lucks aka Sulekha
P.S.  This post was inspired by a lovely post at http://gypsyroxylee.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/wont-you-please-look-my-way/
Do read her lovely article on love and heartbreak of Roxylee.

38 thoughts on “Roxy and Emilio

  1. Hey, love your comment and it's the first one 🙂 Thanks, did you read the link in my blog? It's too good.

  2. Sulekha – It's amazing how people around the world can inspire each other. I saw this and had to share it with Bella 🙂 All the people in Roxy's corner say 'Yay!'

  3. A lot of women are like Roxy and all the Roxys together shold bring down all the Emilios down. Who do they think they taking us for granted? Loved it Outlier

  4. Bad dog Emilio!! 🙂 So many horrible men like Emilio out there…nicely written Lucks! Enjoyed reading…

  5. @Rimly, Roxy strikes back, thanks for the support 🙂 Watch out Emilio, here we come.

    @Swati, Bad, bad Emilio 🙂 Hope it inspires a Roxy to strike back.

  6. You are tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Good…how do u think like this,inspite of your bad cold,and yes,I agree there are many men out there like Emilo…

  7. Sulekkha!!! OMG, how absolutely wonderful!! I absolutely loved it! Roxy's tickled pink and so am I! I think it's magnificent that the Roxy-Emilio saga inspired you to write this fantastic poem! I have sent a link to all family members so they can smile from ear to ear like I am! I also shared the news with Roxy who wagged her tail at the excitement in my voice! 🙂 Thank you for this, lady. We are truly honored!

  8. @Alpana, thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for your lovely compliment. I am still down with a terrible cold. I read a post, the link is in my blog post, and was inspired.

  9. @Bella, thank you for your wonderful article which started the ball rolling. Woof to Roxy, Thanks for sharing with family and friends. Welcome to my blog. It was my pleasure writing about Roxy and her story.

  10. Hmmm…is it a question of unrequited love on Roxy's part or just plain non interest on Emilio's?

    I love the way you presented this very lightly Sulekha. It didn't focus on the 'love hurts'… but instead suggests a way to look at love in another angle…

    But I tell you Emilio…you'll have one of those days? hahaha… Is that a threat?

  11. See how life and love goes with this imbalance of reciprocation. What a wonderful post Sulekha!

  12. @Melissa, your compliments always lift my spirits and encourage me to do better. Thank you so much for appreciating my poem, which btw is based on a story by a very talented lady, her link is given in my post.
    Emilio is in trouble with Roxy's fans 🙂

  13. @Blognostics, Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my poem. Appreciate your compliment.

  14. sulekha, your poem is totally different distinct form of writing. it light a very simple way of representing a true fact of many lives in a serious mode, it has a very deep inner meaning establishing the dignity of female gender where often males consider them as taken for granted.

  15. I read,I thought,I Praised and i loved.Wearing Sulekha stamp altogether.

    But what's that 18,29? Is it 29-18 or 29+18 or 29×18 or 29/18? lol…lol


  16. @Anna, Welcome to my blog and thank you for the compliment. Will hop over to your site soon.

    @Sancheeta, You make me feel so good with your appreciation and encouraging words. Thank you for the lovely compliments. You are a wonderful writer and getting high praise from you is a great feeling.

    @Nirupam, thank you for the wonderful compliment. I am 18 at heart but am 47 years young.29 years added to my 18 equals 47.

  17. I liked the way you presented the concept but it's still one sided and not complete.Not every man is Emilio and not every women is Roxy.Still the way it's presented is what makes it special. 😀

  18. Yeah Roxy!! She rules while Emilio drools :)For the record not every man is scum like Emilio LOL Interesting and different than your usual posts but I like it!!!

  19. @Aabhisek, thank you for making me see the folly of my ways. I am going to make amends and write another poem from Emilio's point of view. It was never my intention to generalize. Thanks for the visit and comment.

    @David, not all men are bad and not all women are angels, I am sorry but I just wrote this poem based on a post. i am going to write another one in Emilio's voice. I am not biased. Thanks for the visit and for the compliment.

  20. I love the voice in this piece, it kind of reminded me of a book I just read call Vaclav & Lena, which was a great read.
    fabulous piece…keep going!

  21. Leah, welcome to my blog. Thank you for the lovely compliment and the follow, will visit and follow your blog too.

  22. Thanks Savira, nice to see you here, poor Emilio has been bashed up good here. I am writing a piece in his voice now, on public demand.:)

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