Tears are me…

Hey another Poe-A-Tree Hop!

Well here we are going again, just hopping all over the world.  As you may know the last hop we were looking at the rainbows. Saw some mighty pretty ones two.  But to have a rainbow you need a little rain. So this time, get you a box of Kleenex or a supply of crying towels cause were going to have a down pour of tears causing poem and tear jerking story for you to read. As you dry your eyes please leave a sympathy note in the comments. There a list of blogs that is participating in this hop below the poem and or story.  Have fun and cry your eyes out you will feel better. It’s good for you, Mikey like it.       

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Tears are me…

I cry when I hear your favourite song,
It’s my song too, will always be mine.
I cry when you don’t call,
Miss you like crazy.
I try to be brave and live my life,
smiling, without a care,
when inside my heart is bleeding,
thinking of you , somewhere.
 My tears fall like the rain.
This Incessant downpour,
is flooding my soul,
with bitter-sweet memories,
of beautiful days gone by.
When a single tear drop
from my eye, was enough,
to make you cry out in pain.
You understood my suffering,
Promised to keep my heart safe,
you’d said you wouldn’t let sorrow,
anywhere near my heart.
You’d sworn that we would never part.
Now, you are gone, far, so far,
that your arms cannot reach me,
and hold me close to your heart.
My tears fall ceaselessly,
crying out your name.
They crave for your gentle touch,
to ease away the pain.
Come back to me my darling,
I no longer wish to cry.
Transform my unhappy tears,
into those of unparalleled joy.
Every tear I cry,
 calls out your name.
without you in my life,
nothing is the same.
My existence is threatened,
by unhappy thoughts.
With pain, my heart replete.
Without you, with me,
My soul is incomplete

Lucks aka Sulekha


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40 thoughts on “Tears are me…

  1. i think we are hitting a high water mark here lot of tears over break heart falls. lovely post may god bless you and keep you safe in his arms.

  2. I love every poem you compose Sulekha. You inspire me so much. It's laced with sorrow and hope at the same time. Yes, I feel my soul incomplete without 'you'…. Oh wash away the sorrow…

  3. Streaming with tears now. There's a certain string of emotions that is hooked with your posts. Every line has weight Sulekha.

    You are one talented poetess!

  4. @Bongo, thanks and sorry for making you cry 🙂

    @Roy, you started this downpour, thanks a lot.

    @Melissa, I just adore your compliments. Thank you so much, admire your talent in music and poetry as well.

  5. complete tears.. sulekkha, what a beautiful set of emotions.. love it..

    Someone is Special

  6. @Kriti, tears are natural cosmetics and beautify the eyes as well as the soul. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  7. To have someone in your life that you connect with in such a deep and wonderful way is a blessing. Many people strive for this each and every day of their life and never reach this place. It is a wonderful feeling to have this love. To be separated from it leaves a part of us empty that no substitute can replace. Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Anna, welcome to my blog and thanks for the follow. I am following your lovely blog too. Love is the pits sometimes and some days it's heaven on earth. thanks for the compliment.

  9. Love this so much!! You crafted a touching heartfelt piece of art that captures my feelings for Erin exactly. Your words touched upon so many emotions and that's not easy to do. I highly recommend this to everyone with a heart!!!

  10. Oh David, your compliments make my blog special, with their beauty and sincerity.Thank you for your kind words, appreciate them so much. Thanks a ton for your recommendation too 🙂

  11. your tears have touched my heart. the tears of pain, the tears of grief when you feel incomplete, you long for someone, you try to reach out your hand and you find you are still insecure, you are yet to find home in your beloved's warm zone. your words are magically penned down to roll down the tears naturally.

  12. @Sancheeta, Thanks a ton for understanding my tears and for your lovely compliments.

    @Jim, thank you, the topic was depressing, lol.

  13. The most powerful work comes from experience. In this beautiful poem you can feel the sorrow, yet clinging to the hope he will return and wash away the tears and bring back the joy. Coming from the heart…

  14. That was heart rending. A beautiful poem about the void certain people create in our lives after having departed. Beautifully written Sulekha! loved it

  15. @Ravenmyth, thank you for reading my poem and leaving such a beautiful compliment. Hope is a waking dream.

    @Debbie, Hi and welcome after a break.Thank you for your comment.

    @Yoshay, the void they leave is difficult to fill, thank you for the lovely compliment.

  16. Yes, pass the box of tissues. Strong an vivid. This Poe hop is going to break my heart.. seems like the world's hearts are full. I am going to have to read this one again with a glass of wine in hand.

  17. @Brenda, Welcome to my blog and thanks a to for reading and commenting.Appreciate your compliment, maybe I should read it with a glass of wine in hand too 🙂

  18. You are in your element girl!
    Tears are words the heart can't express… so let the healing tears come and water your soul.

  19. @Debra, so nice to see you here, welcome. Thank you for the lovely compliment, healing tears tear the heart apart too.

  20. Lovely Poem,

    You wrote so ..nicely , I can relate myself to the song phase .. when one of my friend ..dedicated a song which we later both sang together over phone.

    Lovely 🙂

    P.S : Thanks for dropping by ..nice to get to blog-sphere… have a nice week ahead 🙂

  21. Your poem captures the essence of missing someone so beautifully. I can feel the pangs and the longing in this poem. Truly an apt poem for this weeks Poe-A-Tree Hop.

  22. @Nelieta, Thanks for the visit and your comment.

    @Vivek, thank you so much for reading and leaving such a lovely compliment. Blogosphere is our second home and we are an extended family here.

    @Rimly, missing someone is hell, tears are the only resort left. Thank you for your beautiful comment.

  23. What depth of feeling, Sulekha. I truly felt your pain and the longing to have that person back..

  24. @Corinne, Welcome to my blog and thanks for the beautiful compliment.Words have a life of their own, don't you think so?

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