Roxy and Emilio….Part three

Roxy and Emilio…..Part Three

Seasons change, like emotions.
old friends move to new places,
physical distance is not an issue.
It’s the distances of the heart,
that causes an ache in the souls.

One fine day, Emilio moved away,
without a woof goodbye.
He just upped and left,
Uncaring of Roxy’s heartbroken sighs.
Roxy waited at the park, every day,
She didn’t lose hope, never thought,
Emilio would just walk away.

Her wait was endless and long,
her soul’s notes were devoid,
of a true love’s song.
She kept a lonely and sad vigil,
Unbelieving that Emilio would,
Ever do her, this wrong.

One day she grew up, dusted her knees,
and stood up tall.
She buried her love for Emilio,
So deep inside her soul,
That even she couldn’t find it ,
If she ever tried.
It was hidden in the farthest corner,
of her heart, in a bleeding black hole.

Gradually, she began to breathe,
without hurting,
she learnt to smile, through her tears.
Sent a silent prayer up in the air,
asked God for forgiveness, for him.

She didn’t hold a grudge,
How could she?
She loved him, didn’t she?
She believed in miracles,
So what if she was suffering now,
the best was yet to be.

Two years later, one evening at the park,
while she was playing with, Trixie and pixie,
Emilio chanced upon her, unexpectedly.
He saw her with the puppies and his heart sank.

He had just come back, weary from his travels,
Had been around the block many times,
and realized Roxy’s true worth.
He had been thinking of proposing,
to her and declaring his love,
Instead he found her with her,
two adorable puppies, oh God!

What a fool, he’d been.
not appreciating Roxy’s unconditional love.
He had himself to blame,
for missing out on this chance.

She had done nothing, but love him,
and he had pushed her away.
Ridiculed her feelings, made fun of her,
Not given her the time of the day.

Now she was lost to him,
He was too late, life had passed him by.
Roxy could have been his, had he been,
Upfront about his feelings,
Had he told her he loved her too,
He was so sad now, he wanted to die.

Suddenly he heard Lassie, calling out,
“ Roxy, thanks for puppysitting my twins,
You are a lifesaver, my friend.”
Emilio couldn’t believe his ears,
He gave a woof of pure, unadulterated joy.

Thank you god, for giving me a second chance,
Roxy is not hitched, she can still be mine,
provided she forgives me,
I have been such a heel.
I promise to love and cherish her,
Please let me know how she feels.

Do I stand even a slim chance?
Have I burned my boats?
Can I be redeemed?
Will I have the last dance?

Sulekha aka Lucks

For all my friends who have missed out on the first two chapters of this torrid love affair, the links are given below:



18 thoughts on “Roxy and Emilio….Part three

  1. Absolutely delightful, Sulekha. I love the whole story. Do include the links to part on and part two at the bottom of this post, so every gets the whole saga 🙂

  2. @Corinne, sorry about that, I had added the links in the draft but forgot to save them. I will add them now itself.Thanks for the excellent suggestion.

  3. Sulekkha, I have tears in my eyes! Roxy's sitting on my lap, licking my face, wondering what is wrong. I absolutely loved it! This is a masterful way of ending Roxy and Emilio's love! I was breathless till the end! Thank you, thank you for delighting us with these posts! You rock! 🙂

  4. @Bella, thank you for appreciating my humble attempt. And thank you for crying, I cried while writing it :)I am grateful to Roxy and Emilio for being such inspiring subjects for my poems. Hope we can collaborate sometime soon.

  5. Savira, you must have read the first two parts too, did you like the ending? Thank you for your wonderful compliment.

  6. Sulekha,you made me cry with this one…simply beautiful,I really don't have words to say as to how much you have touched me with the 3rd part….

  7. Alpana, welcome after a break, how have you been. I really didn't mean to make you cry my friend. Thank you for loving my piece, I had so much fun putting on the thinking cap and getting into the heads of Roxy and Emilio.
    Love is the same, be it in humans or dogs..we all feel the same emotions…

  8. Its beautiful sulekha. Now I cnt resist to read d first two parts.

    Waiting for next!

    Its soo cute to put your dad's photo…:)

  9. Lucks, loved it….its such a heart warming beautiful story…and you tell it in poetry! How talented are you???? Cant wait for the next part

  10. @Mani, welcome to my blog and thanks for your sweet comment. My dad is my inspiration, I lost him last year on my birthday and like having him around on my blog. He is my hero.

  11. Swati, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.Love your encouraging and unwavering support. Will write the next part in a few days.

  12. So that explains the two links I saw earlier :P…I just read something about second chances in Becky's wall image and I thank God for that 🙂

    Emilio's lucky to be given one…I think not everybody's open to probabilities…I think Roxy loves him too much too 🙂

    hmmm… okay…no wishful thinking on my part :P… can't help it though :P…

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