Emilio’s Retort

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“I am misunderstood.”
Roxy tried to get me kicked out of the hood.
She should have tried to see my point of view,
Why I did what I did and  why I’ll do it again,
If I had to, I really really SO would.

Roxy followed me everywhere, I mean, PLEASE,
give a man some SPACE!!!
She just didn’t get it, was always in my FACE!!!

If I stepped into my balcony, there she was,
perched high, on her chair, staring at my body,
and my non-existent fabulous hair. 

She’d blink her eyes, smile coyly and flirt.
Though I didn’t mind the flirting, at times,
but let a handsome dude wake up, first.

Out in the park, she was always by my side,
hanging on to every bark of mine.
Prancing and preening, to impress me.
“Girl, you’re okay, but I’ve seen fine.”

And to top it all, she wanted me to fight,
Rufus,Buddy and Bruno. No thank you.
I am no super hero, and it’s not right,
to expect me to, boldly rescue you.

I can’t take them all on, they are big and mean.
Anyone who has messed with them,
has had to relocate, pack his bags, move on.

I like this place, I belong here.Roxy is like a thorn in my side,
though she is pretty and witty and fine,
there’s more to life than making her mine.

I want to sow my wild oats, you’re only young once.
Maybe after I’ve done it all,and still feel the same.
I will make a U Turn, But until then, Babe,
Please let me be,I don’t even have a pedigree.

We can be friends, but don’t expect the moon from me,
Come to the park if you’re okay with this.Play with me.
If not, then please stay the hell away from me.

Lucks aka Sulekha

27 thoughts on “Emilio’s Retort

  1. This is really getting interesting Sulekha. You've got a series coming up huh? I'm seeing puppies somewhere down the line…;)

  2. Hi Corinne, A few blogger friends( guys), were unhappy with only one side of the story so I decided to present Emilio's point of view too. Hope Roxy doesn't mind 🙂
    Will tell Bella to read it too.
    I am thinking a weekly blog about these two and definitely puppies sometime in the future 🙂
    Thanks for your visit and comment.

  3. Oh that stud… so full of himself! What a masterful caricature of Emilio. Bet you had fun with this one Sulekkha:)

  4. Hello Debra, yes I did, hope you read the earlier post about Roxy and her feelings too. Thank you for the visit and your comment.

  5. Romance is in the air,I am loving it.."She'd blink her eyes, smile coyly and flirt.
    Though I didn't mind the flirting, at times,but let a handsome dude wake up, first."…Keep going Sulekha..

  6. Ok my tongue is hanging out and waiting for more!…the adventures of foxy and emilio are far more interesting than my own!

  7. @Alpana, We all love love stories 🙂 I am going to write a novel on them.
    Thanks for the compliment.

  8. @Savira, hehe I know…My life is equally dull. Like I said earlier a full-fledged book is coming up shortly.
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  9. You know Sulekha, I am still for Roxy (Sorry guys). Wake up Emilio you have a hot babe who loves you!!! Ha,ha,ha…loved this. Any more retorts to come fro Roxy babe?

  10. What if Emilio actually makes the U turn and finds Roxy licking her puppies : (. But you have a point there Mitr – or should I say Roxy does?

  11. Kriti, It will serve him right if Roxy is with someone else when he returns after sowing his wild oats.I have a point in Roxy's favor. Thanks for the comment Mitr.

  12. Great counterpoint in Emilio's favor, it's always good to present both sides of the story and you've certainly done that. I must side with Roxy on this issue despite Emilio making a strong argument. Looking forward to more drama between these two. Great job 🙂

  13. David, You had to take Roxy's side, that's how you are made 🙂 Emilio is being honest about his feelings too. I am starting to like him too.Thanks for the compliment.

  14. I can't believe it…you actually wrote it again from Emilio's point of view….bravo Lucks. 🙂

    May be if I get some free time I will come up with a follow up post. 🙂

  15. Abhisek, Lucks at your service…a writer cannot be biased, right? I would love a post from you on this.

  16. Sulekkha, I thought I’d commented on Roxy and Emilio, the preceding post, but I see that it didn’t post. Anyway, I love the way you voiced Roxy’s thoughts 🙂 How charming are these poems!

  17. Debra, thank you so much for visiting and commenting on Roxy and Emilio. They need all the love and understanding they can get.

  18. Oh, finally Sulekkha!

    I never get to understand men. I wish I could just enter their thoughts and their feelings.

    Somehow by showing Emilio's side, I was able to listen… and I felt he did't want to get smothered with such care and love as Roxy showered upon him…hmmmm…

    I guess it's okay to ask for space…but it's also fair to sincerely make this feeling felt with words 😉

  19. Hi Melissa,
    Thank you for visiting and commenting. How are you? Yes, it's more humane to let the other person know that they are not interested in them, clearly. Not knowing the reason for his behavior is bad.

  20. Sulekkha, my dear, I've just returned to my corner of the world where DSL exists and I don't have to fight tooth and nail for WiFi! I'm so sorry I'm late for the party, and what a party it is! I laughed through all of Emilio's retort! Roxy's ears perked up when she heard me chuckling and I had to sit her on my lap and clue her in! The Significant Other joined me in the laughter and we've just had ourselves a good time reading this post! Thank you, thank you! This was fantastic! Even though circumstances call that I be on team Roxy, I love the way you've represented Emilio's feelings on the matter. You have no idea how much I look forward to future posts! I also thoroughly enjoyed reading the comments from your wonderful readers! Lovely! 🙂

  21. Bella, welcome and thanks for the lovely compliment and for enjoying my post on Emilio. My friends have loved this pair and are waiting for a full fledged story complete with puppies and the works 🙂 Your post inspired a romantic novel, how does it feel?

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