1. Kriti

    I cannot agree more with you Sulekha – except I would not hang them till death – I would strip these weaklings, tie them to a post and leave them there for the rest of his life (come rain or shine). They should rot there till they die a natural painful death and then just thrown into a dump somewhere…. I cannot tell you how enraged I am after reading your piece. You are so right about how string we are.

  2. sulekkha

    Yes Mitr, you are right..we should make them suffer like they do these innocent girls…sick people with toxic mentalities…

  3. sweepyjean

    {{Hugs}} Sulekkha continue be an example of a strong woman and speak out against injustice. As women, these are our strongest defenses.

  4. Roy Durham

    very powerful and strong post i don't defend men who rape. i will supply the rope and a tall tree, in the market place for all to see. to put a stop to this we both men and women need to teach the children to respect the other right to live unharmed and to keep one hands to them self and not provide uninvited touch

  5. Vivek Chamoli

    Hi Sulekha,
    Hmm this is a disease which is spreading very rapidly. And Its one of the worst ever barbaric. Act.
    Fast track. Courts needs to be made where only ladies judge should be giving verdict. In my court the punishment should not be less then. Death. Or life imprisonment so that one think thousands time. .this cruel barbaric act.
    Women are strong you rightly said. .And is a symbol of Shakti. And its scientifically proven women uses both brains.
    So the point is Girls need not to get afraid just keep some tools with herself always. Like peper sprays etc..
    the girl who goes through all this,only knows. .How tormatised she has been. Just imaginig.the state brings tears to our eyes. ..What about the pain she goes through..so something has to come to curb this menace.

  6. Miera Nadhirah

    Bravo… You are so true… men like to prey on the weaker ones.. small girls (I was raped when I was a kid by my mother's boyfriend and molested by a couple others!!)
    They dare not face someone their own size, and they dare call us the weaker sex. Married women have to do everything in the house and even work nowadays… the men?? they just wait to be served

  7. sulekkha

    Yes Roy,we do need to teach the children about respecting other people's space and to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate touching. Thanks for the offer of the rope and the tall tree…tc

  8. sulekkha

    You are right, women should always carry some pepper spray or something equally stinging which will give them a chance to surprise their attackers and get away from danger. I didn't mean to imply that all men are bad but some bad ones spoil their reputation.
    Thanks for understanding the plight of women and voicing your concerns..

  9. sulekkha

    Meira, so sorry to read about your ordeals when you were a child, my heart goes out to you…thanks for being so brave..take care

  10. Swati

    Sulekha completely agree…sometimes I wonder what makes such demons out of men….we women are so much strong and so much better!! I'm sooo glad I'm a woman!!

  11. E. Nina Rothe

    Hello Lucks – BTW LOVE that nickname!

    Finally I stopped by and properly signed up as a follower of your blog and decided to leave a long-overdue comment. BRAVA! I admire your honesty and your strength and your speaking out on such a poignant subject.

    Just to share a short anecdote, I never thought of myself as a feminist, until I saw the struggles that a favorite film of mine has been going through. If you are getting tired of hearing it, I will only mention it once, Miral by Julian Schnabel. It's the real life story of writer Rula Jebreal, a strong, beautiful, intelligent Palestinian woman who is not an extremist or apologetic for her talent. What a threatening combination to any man who is not as secure and otherworldly as Schnabel! So, male critics all over the place, instead of coming to terms with their own shortcomings, call the film all kinds of names and condemn Jebreal's book.

    Needless to say, I have become quite aware of the negative power of men's insecurities, through the journey of a story that must be told, to even out the male-dominated version of what the Middle East is. Thank you for your touching piece. I second Swati's thoughts… I'm so glad I'm a woman!

  12. sulekkha

    Thanks Swati,We are bringing about some changes in our society and raising our voice against injustice. We are getting there, slowly n steadily..I am glad too

  13. sulekkha

    Hello Nina, My Dad used to call me Lucks and this name is very special to me.Love it when my dear friends address me as Lucks, thanks.

    Thank you for following my blog and for your lovely compliments. Miral is second on my list of great movies to watch, first being,"Cairo Time".

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