Undeniably true

Unspoken words lie between us,
like unheard echoes of
Our yearning for each other.
Untouched by time and space,
Unconcerned about all but one another.

Undaunted we walk,
Our each separate path.
Unperturbed about the destination,
Undoubtedly sure about
Our journey together.

On untrodden paths of tough love,
Unflinchingly we bear the cross
of separation and desolation,
Unashamedly loving each other.

Unabashedly daring sorrows
to cross our paths,
Unblinking we stare
at distances separating us,
Unwavering we continue
to cherish each other.

Lucky aka Sulekha

8 thoughts on “Undeniably true

  1. Hi Sulekha,

    A very Nice Poem , really likes the 1st 2 stanzas of your poem.

    keep the spirit alive.
    Keep writing ..keep smiling.

    take care.

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