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Kriti-HowAboutThis: Eternity

I am eternity and I am patient…what lies beyond all three doors is incredibly beautiful and gratifying to the heart and soul, you can pick only one but do it fast before you lose your identity and become a part of me. If you look closely, you will see the gaping wounds on my self, there is blood oozing out of these wounds but it’s not red in color. I am so dark and mysterious that my blood has turned black, like the void…. fathomless, deep and dark.

Choose the middle door if you like socializing and partying, you will be in your element at the cocktail party. Discuss fashion and the city of lights and enjoy the delicate dishes prepared by the finest cooks of France. The door on your right will take you to the bloggers network and you will have the time of your life there with like minded intelligent and versatile people. You won’t regret your decision ever but if you choose the door on the left, your life will change forever, for eternity. Your soul will be enriched with heartbreaking poetry, soul stirring romantic quotes and stories and empowering ideas to better your life.

If you decide to come back, rest assured that I will be there to welcome you with wide open arms and embrace your soul and make you one with me. Together we will guide the travelers and warn them about the perils of staying too long with us, only the truly deserving get the honor of becoming eternity. Waiting to rescue the universe with bated breath…I am Eternity.

11 thoughts on “Eternity

  1. Hey Debra, thanks for your compliment…loved writing it.It's so difficult to choose which way to go :). Will definitely swing by your way.

  2. As inviting as the door in the middle sounds and as familiar as the door on the right sounds, I like the option of the other unfamiliar yet twitching and tweaking at the other part of me.. so what will I chose..

  3. A compelling offshoot of Eternity 1 Sulkeha! All the 3 golden-hilt doors speak of desirous worlds rich in incessant glory but I have made my choice. Yes I have advanced my step towards the door to the left, for I no longer wish to discuss fashion and drink expensive wine, I'd like to meet like-minded souls, but it is the door to my left that I most want to tread through. The door that leads to greatest gratification of all. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to strengthen our love for the club 🙂 Congratulations for this post Eternity!

  4. I like your Eternity Sulkeha…very beautifully written…but I must choose a door, before I am swallowed by the void…it is enticing to linger in your eternity, but life awaits…I choose the left door…but, I will return…as my Soul continues to reach for Eternity….( I am going to follow….)

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