International Women’s Day – Make It Happen


International Women's Day

The theme for this year’s Women’s Day is Make It Happen.


 A Poem on Women’s Day


Happy women’s day!

Are the women really happy?

What is happiness anyway?

This is the story of a nice girl.


She is a good student,

Docile daughter,

Protected by male members

Of her concerned family


Chaperoned everywhere she goes

Is told what to wear

How to Behave, whom to talk to

What kind of friends to make


She is married off to a suitable boy

Educated, rich and successful,

He may be, but that’s all

He is no prize, otherwise


His work pressures may necessitate,

His bashing her up from time to time

He needs an outlet to vent, let off steam

After all, he’s in a high-powered job


She won’t understand

Because she wasn’t given a chance to

She wasn’t allowed to work

After marriage into an affluent family


Her outstanding degrees gather dust

In the attic

Along with his mediocre diplomas

Paid for by daddy’s money.


A cut lip, bruised face

Barely discernible limp

Are overlooked by all

Her family included


For the greatest fear and shame for all

Is a married woman

Back at her parents’ house,

Disgraced and humiliated


She’s pushed back into

The coward’s den

(I refuse to call him a lion)

He who raises his hand at a woman

Is not a ‘Man’

He’s a sorry excuse

For a human being


The shackles are loosening

From the ankles and minds

The attics are aired

The degrees dusted


She is coming out

Of the shadows

Out into the light

Shining with pride


I want to wish all my sisters

A Happy Women’s Day

And that day is coming

I can see the change…


Sid Balachandran, an extremely creative and talented member of the BAR has designed this logo.



According to the International Women’s Day website –International Women's Day

‘Why purple?

From 1908, the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) in Great Britain adopted the colour scheme of purple, white and green to symbolise the plight of the Suffragettes. Purple symbolized justice and dignity – two values strongly associated with women’s equality. The three colours were used for banners, flags, rosettes and badges to show solidarity.’

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By Sulekha Rawat

12 thoughts on “International Women’s Day – Make It Happen

  1. I certainly do hope that we will see the change in our lifetime. It’s been a long time coming! <3 Interesting poem as my original title for today was Tribute to Women 2: (Happy?) International Women's Day as I think it is not necessarily a happy day for many. <3

  2. Happy Women’s Day, Sulekha. Lovely poem!

    It is so sad that such power (women) is suppressed by our society.It is good to see change…slow, but change nevertheless.

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