The Sole Interview

The Sole Interview #writebravely

7 prompts for 7 days.ย 

Day 6- An Interview.


Only the Wearer Knows Where the Shoe Pinches

Only the Shoe Knows Where the Wearer Prances ๐Ÿ™‚

The prompt for today is an interview. I decided to post an interview of my most trusted companions, my walking shoes. They have been with me through thick and thicker ๐Ÿ™‚

What can you tell us about yourself?

We two are same in all ways but one. Though we are a pair, one favors the left and the other, right. We believe in looking in one direction while walking, supporting each other, like good friends do.

When did you come in contact with her?

She had come to our shop in the mall with her handsome husband. He was besotted with her and wanted to buy her the entire mall. She had eyes only for me, I was irresistible. She picked up my lefty friend and asked her husband if she could try it on. As if he could say no to her? The salesperson helped her put on my left buddy and lifted me up from the top shelf and put me on her right foot too. We were a perfect fit. We have been inseparable since that day.

Where all have you traveled with her?

We have been to so many places with her. She loves us a lot and prefers our company to her snooty heels and wedges. We go to the park with her daily, she likes to walk fast and we donโ€™t complain. Last year we had gone to Toronto, Canada. It was a blissful time. We loved the clean and beautiful roads of Toronto; the Algonquin Park was a picturesque place with orange and red leaves, green trails and clear lakes. We also had the pleasure of seeing the Niagara Falls up close and have the pictures to prove our claim ๐Ÿ™‚

Last week we were at the Delhi airport, flying down to Mumbai. We were on our way to Mumbai to celebrate Rakshabandhan with her and her family. She is a brisk walker and we help her in her flights ๐Ÿ™‚

What message do you want to give her?

We want to thank her for her considerate and compassionate nature. She has bought a pair of heel cushions to keep her heels and our souls protected too. The heel spurs on her feet trouble her a lot. When she wears us her feet rest on the soft heel cushions and they keep us safe from direct impact.

Is there someplace you want to visit in the near future?

We had hoped to visit Leh- Ladakh this month but she has done the unthinkable. She went out and bought our competitors. Things happen for a reason, we needed a break from all the running around in the past few months and this is an ideal opportunity to do just that.

She thinks only she is going on a vacation but we will have a vacation in her absence too. Hopefully the new shoes will become old news by the time she is back from the hills and we can go back to being best friends and sole-soul-mates ๐Ÿ™‚


By Sulekha Rawat


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Wordsย #6โ€˜.

8 thoughts on “The Sole Interview

  1. What a unique take on the prompt Sulekha! Nothing beats the comfort of a perfect pair of shoes. Hope your pair gets to visit Leh Ladakh and many more places soon.

  2. Oh, no! How can you not take them with you? What if the new shoes arenโ€™t as comfy because your feet arenโ€™t yet used to them? Maybe you should take both pairs and let them get better acquainted.

  3. Ha ha ha!!! What a witty tale this is! I loved reading it Su โ€“ you have put so much โ€œsoleโ€ into it! Loved the way you wove your trips and events into this story vis-a-vis the shoes witnessing it!

  4. Humor in its own sense, You know in South India when a girl is of marriageable age (which is still a dispute , but lets let the exact age aside) they say โ€œwe need to search a an exact pair for this sole โ€“ meaning something perfect which cannot be lived without. Its the same with shoes too โ€“ old ones are indispensable till you get used to the new pair

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