1. What a unique take on the prompt Sulekha! Nothing beats the comfort of a perfect pair of shoes. Hope your pair gets to visit Leh Ladakh and many more places soon.

  2. Oh, no! How can you not take them with you? What if the new shoes arenโ€™t as comfy because your feet arenโ€™t yet used to them? Maybe you should take both pairs and let them get better acquainted.

  3. Ha ha ha!!! What a witty tale this is! I loved reading it Su โ€“ you have put so much โ€œsoleโ€ into it! Loved the way you wove your trips and events into this story vis-a-vis the shoes witnessing it!

  4. Humor in its own sense, You know in South India when a girl is of marriageable age (which is still a dispute , but lets let the exact age aside) they say โ€œwe need to search a an exact pair for this sole โ€“ meaning something perfect which cannot be lived without. Its the same with shoes too โ€“ old ones are indispensable till you get used to the new pair

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