1. Your post feels warm and happy just like a great cup of coffee. You have a wonderful family. I love how very diverse you all are and still so close knit. Touchwood to that. Such a pity we cannot keep our children by us forever, that we have to let them go.
    I think we should make coffee dates a regular feature. They are the best.

    • Tulika, love your beautiful comment on my post. When the kids are young we wait for them to grow up but when they do, we realise we needed more time with them growing up. Parents never stop worrying about their kids, it’s inbuilt in their nature.

  2. Loadsof sprinkles and choclate cream – thats what your post feels like to me. I am so happy that we connected. Thank you BAR for that!!!
    You are quite a conversationalist and I would love to have a long chatty session with you someday, time permitting. BTW I am an extremely good listener and make killer cookies too!! Plan a day to gurgaon and we will have some fun!!!
    Cheers to your writing and more power to your pen!! 🙂

    • Likewise, Shalini. Thanks to the blogging community we connected and came to know more about each other. I would love to have some coffee and cookies with you. Good listeners are rare nowadays, bless you.

  3. Shilpa Garg

    I loved having coffee with you today virtually and last month when we met. You are such a warm and lively person, Sulekha. We must meet sometimes soon again. Till then take care and have a great trip to Leh! ♥

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