1. That review makes me want to go watch the film although I’m not a Kangna fan. I think she was fantastic in Queen but that’s it. I didn’t like her in any other film.
    I used to be a movie buff too though most of them were watched on Sunday on the television. When we grew up I became a regular at the theatres. That first day first show is a whole different audience, isn’t it? I remember we’d gone to watch Kaho na pyar hai (in a single screen theatre) and a bunch of youngsters actually got up and danced in the aisle to Ek pal ka jeena! That was hilarious. Now with the kids I’m back at the mercy of the television.

    • Sanch, thanks. It is difficult to keep up with new actors and movies once you move away from home. Glad you liked my review, try and see the movie. You might like it too 🙂

  2. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews about the movie. Though I must confess, it’s nice to read a review with a personal touch – love how you’ve intertwined nostalgia throughout the post.

    Still not convinced that I must check the movie out though.

    • Sid, thanks for your lovely comment. As I grow older, I am becoming nostalgic about a whole lot of things 🙂 Don’t see the movie unless you really want to, read a few more reviews before making up your mind.

  3. Kangana truly rocks. She’s bold, and does not think twice about taking on diverse roles. Loved our review, Sulekha. I am a movie buff too. Yes, Mahendra Sandhu. 🙂

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