1. It is so beautifully worded Sulekha. I enjoyed reading the comprehensive description of our book meet at the Gandhi museum. You have so aptly captured the essence of our visit to the museum.

  2. Neelam Mehrotra

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your brilliant narration of our book meet .Every aspect has been so vividly described, so well written that it etches the memorable time we had permanently in print

  3. Anjali gupta

    Wonderful Sulekha.. You captured the essence of our book meet beautifully and again transposed me back to those enjoyable moments we all shared

  4. You took me back in time… I remember reading about Gandhiji in school and few excerpts from his autobiography too. Loved your description about the meet … It must be so wonderful to go along with a group of equally enthusiastic ladies.

  5. So lovely! What an enjoyable experience. In a way, you became one with the author of the book by holding this meet where the book had relevance. Gandhi’s book is among my favorites. As you rightly pointed out, it can really help kids as well.

  6. Charu Joshi

    Very nice and commemorative description .. you have penned down the memories (that we all cherished together) so nicely that we can now refer here when ever we wish to rewind into the wonderful memories of our meet.. Gud to see some nice clicks too..

  7. Bharti Madan

    You have put everything together in a beautiful way Sulekha. Reading the book and the visit to museum was indeed a soulful and spiritually rewarding experience and your post does full justice to it.

  8. This sounds quite splendid – and not something that has been done many times before. So kudos to you all for this ‘creative’ venture. Thank you for virtually taking us along for the book club meet

    • Tulika, I was in Pune last year and visited The Agha Khan Palace and saw Kasturba Gandhi’s samadhi. The Palace is such a storehouse of information on Ba and Bapu. Maybe you could take the kids there for a book trip.

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