1. First of all, Sulekha, your book review is indescribable! I was awestruck by the words you selected to express the pain you felt on reading about EM and the turmoil her family had to go through. You are the best! And, I am not exaggerating.
    I read this book long back, when I was battling the stress I faced as I came to terms with my MIL’s mental illness (schizophrenia). And, that’s one reason I could relate to the story so well. My husband and my SIL have been through the exact same thing – it’s their life story!
    It’s a book that can leave us tossing and turning in our sleep, and yet feel the pain of not just EM but also her little babies who brave the storms that wreak havoc on their world.
    It is a beautiful book, but you need nerves of steel to go through it and stay there till the very end.

  2. Your review is as wonderful as the book Sulekha. Only someone who truly felt it could write like this. As for the book itself – I have no words at all. I attempted to review it many times over but I always felt whatever I wrote couldn’t do it justice and then finally just gave it up. Isn’t it amazing how he never directly mentions the heartbreak, and yet the pain tears through the layers of humour?

    • Tulika, true that. The unsaid trauma and heartbreak got to me and I felt their pain while reading the story. It took me a while to write this review and there is so much more I wanted to share about it but couldn’t due to the dull ache in my heart. Thank you for visiting, commenting on and sharing my post.

  3. Lata Sunil

    Wow Sulekha. You captured the essence of the book beautifully. I loved the book and like Tulika says, i could not review it. Because I felt I will not do justice to this magnificent writing. It’s the best Indian writing after maybe Arundhati Roy.

  4. I want to read this book as soon as possible–is the feeling I have after reading your review, Sulekha! You have interpreted the book so beautifully! And the questions at the end are priceless! Hugs!

  5. Wow, you review is class apart… your style of writing and expression is so impressive and evocative. I can imagine how deeply you must have felt for the book to write so beautifully.

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