Love Hurts – Haiku (s) for the Soul

                                                                                  Haiku (s) For the Soul


How high can one fly?

Wonders the caged bird at dawn

Dusk set her soul free.



Angry silences

Muted whimpers, quiet moans

Rage behind closed doors



Do I sound okay

Guitar with a broken string

Can still play music



Will it hurt a lot?

Is there an easier way,

to say our goodbyes?



I lost a dear friend

The grey clouds thundered and cried

When you went away


By Sulekha Rawat








12 thoughts on “Love Hurts – Haiku (s) for the Soul

  1. Oh, Sulekha, that was very moving – made me a bit sad and melancholic – like you say a lot with just a few words… Loss and still life, love and joy- how strange life is right? Hugs dear

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