1. Sad one.
    Hope Raja discovers the shoe-box in time; else someone catches him red-handed before he attempts the “honour killing”

    Nicely linked with Raksha Bandhan 🙂

  2. Oh God.Nothing remotely honourable abt this misguided business. Hope Raja is stopped in time. Sairat the movie is based on this I have heard but I am way too chicken to watch it.

  3. Shilpa Garg

    Oh! Hope he gets to know the real reason of the duo conspiring before he does something rash. Love the way you have woven this story, Sulekha!

  4. Lata Sunil

    Oh God no.. These honor killings are crazy and without any logic. Why is honor tied to the girls life? Even if Raja finds his sister is innocent, it still doesn’t change his mindset. Its a lost case.

  5. Oh god, I hope good sense prevails and Raja stops the illogical track in his mind. Honour-killings cannot be traced to logic in any case, though. Nicely done, Sulekha!

  6. I do hope that Raja trips and falls, and breaks his ankle too. And has to get a cast for his leg till Raksha Bandhan. And then when he gets the gift and rakhi from his sister, hopefully his eyes will open.

    I liked the way you added the prompt to the story. Shama and Aman were caught red-handed, but necessarily for a shameful act! It’s funny how the things we hear and see affect our thought process!

  7. Brilliant, Sulekha. You know I am a fan of crime shows and this one is perfect for one of the Savdhaan India’s or Crime Patrol episodes. Misunderstandings and silly notions of honor! SIgh. Now, I can only hope that Raja wondered what was taking his sister so long to come out and went after her,, saw her with the box and became curious enough to ask her and …. happy ending!

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