1. I love your little garden Sulekha. You are being very very brave by trying to go on with your life while still remembering the happy times with Sparky. I hope time takes away all the pain of losing him and leaves you with happy memories only.

  2. Shilpa Gupte

    Oh dear Sulekha, that brought tears to my eyes as I visualised you, missing your baby! This is so difficult, I can’t imagine how you have managed. May God give you the strength to move on. And, I am sure Sparky is there around you, somewhere.

  3. I shed a tear, Sulekha. My heart goes out to you. I can imagine your pain. You are doing your best to heal. Love how you’ve taken up gardening in Sparky’s memory.

  4. I cried. Yes, I did. Because this post took me back ten years ago, when I lost my own dog. We haven’t replaced him till now and his memories continue to live on. Forever.

    I’m glad you have now focused your energies on gardening. Sparky is looking at you and smiling. Remember that.

  5. Kaddu

    That is just awesome! Plants can hear, you know. They can feel emotions too. And if you’re telling them stories about Sparky, they’ll be able to sense your love in your words. No wonder your garden looks thriving! Your plants know that they are in a family that is brimming with love to share!

  6. Just reading about how you miss your pet makes me teary 🙁 I can feel it.
    Loved your garden, you have maintained it so well 🙂 The pots would make such a beautiful decorative piece.

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