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Happy Women’s Day, Every Day

International Women’s Day 2014 theme – inspiring change

Women in my life who inspire me to be a better person and live life on my terms, unafraid and unapologetic, but with compassion and consideration for others.

Writing about someone who has inspired me is a pleasure and an honor for me. I admire so many great women, but the most precious and my absolute favorite is my dear friend Sukhi. She is my ideal woman not because she is a good friend but because she has taught me the true meaning of being a great human being.

She is the reason Sparky is in our lives and home, her dog Spooky is Sparky’s mom. So you see we have a family connection too, though our beloved Spooky is no longer in this world, she lives on in Sparky. Sukhi is an animal lover and that’s why she could understand my daughter’s plight of not having a pet in our house to love and to hold so she gifted her Sparky. Generous and affectionate, that is our Sukhi, and also fun loving, talented and a fabulous sportsperson. She is an avid golfer and was my first teacher, coach and golf buddy in Kochi where I had started playing golf on her insistence.

A few years ago, when she was due to move from Kochi to Mumbai with her naval aviator husband, she witnessed an accident. A vehicle hit a stray dog and sped away, leaving the poor thing writhing in pain on the road. Sukhi picked up the dog, let’s call him ‘Gift’, and rushed him to the vet; Gift had a broken leg and many other injuries. Both Sukhi and her husband decided to take him with them to Mumbai, they already had a Dalmatian at home and his crate was ready and waiting to be taken to the airport. They got another one made for this one and boarded a flight to Mumbai, this wonderful family of a great set of parents, two kids and two dogs.

Sukhi got Gift admitted in an animal hospital at Parel, Mumbai, in the ICU ward and visited him daily, but I guess his injuries were too severe to heal and he died after a few days of pain and suffering. But I am sure he must have realized how much he meant to this kind lady who had picked him up from the road in Kochi and brought him to Mumbai with her and showered so much love and affection on him. His last few days must have been peaceful and bearable because he was loved and cared for selflessly by a stranger, whose face he gazed at during his brief stay at the hospital.

She cried when she told me about him and my eyes were moist too, but I also felt so proud of her and so glad to be her friend. She is an inspiration for many and I hope I can be as selfless and giving when faced with any such challenging situation in life. We all make tall claims and pledge support, but she walked her talk and that’s one of the reasons she is my Shero. Thank you for such Sheroes in our lives.

By Sulekha Rawat

I have been participating in a fun festival of words this week, and today is the last day. So, this post is written for The Write Tribe Festival Of Words on 8thMarch 

Today, Day 7, the topic is: Women and – an inspiring change. You can read more about the festival, and enjoy some of the other entries on the website. Enjoy! Day 7, 8. March: 
International Women’s Day 

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17 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day, Every Day

  1. hi sulekha read ur article. You are an awesome writer. Reading your article refreshed my memories of Gift and also of the first time i had met you in the swimming pool at kochi. I shall always cherish the good times I got to spend with you and Sukhi. I shall be looking forward to spending time with you both again. I am very proud of your achievements.Wish you all the very best of luck n gud health. love you loadz.

  2. I suppose that's the reason why "GIFT", gifted her with the blessings of a wonderful life and good friends.

  3. You are fortunate to have a friend like Sukhi. You have a lovely blog Sulekha.
    A pleasure to connect.

  4. That's so lovely. Both you and Sukhi are lucky to have each other. I could see the friendship and affection in your words.

  5. How blessed are you to have someone like her in your life and ditto for her, who has such a loyal friend. This is what I love about stories of inspiration. They are mutually beneficial. Hats off to her and you, Sulekha!

  6. Its so great to have someone like Sukhi in your life. She seems to be so selfless and full of love. May God bless the two of you 🙂

  7. You are very fortunate to have a friend like Sukhi. Her pure heart is depicted in her love for pets. May your friendship be everlasting.

  8. Wow! Sukhi Ma'am is a truly inspiring and amazing lady with such a beautiful heart. Sad that Gift died but with dignity. Hope there are many more human beings like here.
    PS: I never owned a pet but after reading such inspiring stories at ur end and many others, it's my wish to own a pet, give love and treat as a family member. Thanks Sulekha:) http://vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com/2014/03/08/fow

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