My Favourite Author- 100 Words on Saturday

100 Words on Saturday 2014 #16 at Write Tribe
Your favourite author and what you’d like to discuss with him or her.

100 Words on Saturday 2014 – # 16
Every moment in life is an act of faith From the book by Paulo Coelho, ‘ Brida’



He is a writer whose books speak to my soul; I get lost in the worlds he creates with his words and find myself pulled into the emotional tides of his eloquence. This prolific writer is Paulo Coelho and his writing has multiple layers, every time I read him, I learn something new.

When I meet him, I want to ask him about his inspiration, who or what is it that brings out such deep and sometimes disturbing emotions in him? Another very important question is about his book, Brida; is she real or a figment of his limitless imagination?

By Sulekha Rawat

8 thoughts on “My Favourite Author- 100 Words on Saturday

  1. He is one of my favorite authors.. Love to read about him through your lovely presentation… I wonder about the same things:-)

  2. I have only read his “The Alchemist” and some excerpts from other writings of his. I hope you get a chance to ask him some of your questions, give it a try, maybe you will hear back from him 🙂

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