You Killed Me – 100 Words on Saturday

100 Words on Saturday 2014 – # 17 

Use the image above to write in 100 words – a post, a poem – whatever comes to mind.  Image Credit http://vidyasury.com.

I am a body lying unclaimed on the road; passersby conveniently ignore and walk around my still, broken form. My existence is an aberration on an otherwise normal road, an unsightly sight, best forgotten in no time.

The hands that killed me belonged to your kind; greedy and cruel, not concerned about my pain and strife. I couldn’t scream for help, and even if I could, who would have come forward and stopped them from killing me? My siblings were mute spectators to my murder, their tears fell on the inside, soaking their hearts but your eyes remained unapologetically dry.

By Sulekha Rawat


41 thoughts on “You Killed Me – 100 Words on Saturday

  1. Very poignant. How quickly we forget that even trees have life. (Suzy sends a prayer and asks forgiveness from all the plants she hurt).

  2. Hundreds of trees are felled by cruel hands. We cry hoarse of depleting green cover with rip of with our own hands. A moving and tragic piece written from the heart.

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