1. I agree with the tips you shared. Often I still struggle with the planning part. Once the idea is in my head, instead of planning I try to write and publish it as soon as possible.

  2. Excellent tips, Sulekha. Personally, though, I prefer to write in the same place, since it gives me a sort of Zen- feeling of belonging in my space 🙂 I do jot down ideas wherever I am, but the writing process happens in one place. I think my work takes better shape there!

  3. Great tips, Sulekha! I particularly like the last one – confiding in the real. That is thought-provoking actually, in the sense that it may mean different things to different writers. Also different readers. Can lead to some interesting engagement/interaction of minds between the two 🙂

  4. Good tips, Sulekha esp liked 5. Personally, I am not a planner, more of a vague story in my head and let’s see where it goes if put down on paper kinda person, but completely agree that it would be so much less stressful to write to a plan! 🙂 In “business” writing though, plans are essential and gotta stick to them.

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