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I miss Kochi, Kerala so much! I have lived in this coastal city of south India for more than a decade and have fond memories of this beautiful place. When my naval aviator husband had been transferred to Kochi from Goa in the early nineties, I had been devastated, for I loved Goa; its beaches, the friendly people, our house near the Dabolim airport. My kids had loved seeing the planes and choppers take off and come in for landings multiple times in a day. Life had been one long beach party and we didn’t want it to end.

Landing in Kochi was another beautiful experience; all I could see while our plane was descending to land were the coconut trees, so many of them. I didn’t know Malayalam, the local language spoken here and was at a disadvantage to converse with my help who came to cook and clean for us at home. I rectified it by buying a Rapidex English-Malyalam translation book and started learning this tongue-twister of a language. Languages come easy to me and very soon I could have a decent conversation with the kind middle-aged woman who used to work for me, I made her laugh with my Malyalam with a Punjabi tadka 🙂 I can count from one to ten in malyalam, introduce myself, enquire about your health, understand quite a bit of the language. I love meeting people from Kerala and invariably try to show-off my sparse knowledge of malyalam, when I get a chance 🙂

Onam used to be my favorite festival, I was a committee member of NWWA (Navy Wives Welfare Association) in Kochi. We used to stage King Mahabali’s play on Onam day and also do the special Thiruvathira dance on stage for our naval wives present. Later we used to sit in rows and eat the Onam Sadhya feast, served on a Banana leaf. The wonderful memories of Onam Sadhya keep me company in Delhi now and my spirit travels to Kochi.

This picture shows friends and family enjoying a happy meal; sharing stories and celebrating their togetherness. God bless them.

Here is the link to a YouTube video of the dance – Thiruvathira

By Sulekha Rawat




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29 thoughts on “Wednesday Prompt From Write Tribe

  1. Sulekha,I was elated on reading your interesting experiences in Kerala and your knowledge of malyalam. I have also had a similar experience of speaking the language.The Punjabi accent is very prominent. All my in laws have a hearty laugh, when I make an effort to speak a few sentences.

  2. Beautiful write, Sulekha!! I’m just back from Kerala. I missed my home so much and I was jumping with joy while the plane descended and I saw so many coconut trees….it’s truly the “God’s own Country”!! 🙂

  3. Onam is my favourite festival and my daughter’s too. We love dressing up the home in the traditional Poo Kolam (floral floor art) and the feast is amazing. So enterprising of you to learn the language and the customs. Very commendable 🙂

  4. What a cool way to work with this picture prompt! Using it to stir up personal memories of your time in Kochi. Very impressive. I enjoyed reading about your memories and am also a bit envious of your fast learning of new languages 🙂 Well done, Sulekha!

  5. Thanks for sharing a snippet of your life. Picture prompt nicely woven into a story – and personal stories are always more interesting than fiction!

  6. You sound so nostalgic about Cochin and I’m not surprised. I spent two days on the Naval base there in my childhood and have lovely memories of it! Glad this picture evoked this in you, Sulekha! 🙂

  7. Beautiful reminisces. You’ve been lucky to have lived in such heavenly places which are so rich in culture.

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