Zipcode – A Story

 I am participating in the blogging from A to Z Challenge from 1-30 April, 2014 and this post is written as a part of that challenge. Check out some amazing participating blogs hereMy theme for the challenge is 55 Fiction, stories in 55 words. I hope you enjoy my last story of this challenge today. You can read my story here.

 DSCN0580Zip code; she’d remembered, sent a letter for help, Shiva had ignored it. He’d killed her and deserved to die, water rushed into his lungs making him cough. A hand patted him on the back, speaking softly. He saw a smiling Sia, “wake up sleepy-head hubby, looked like you were drowning in your dream.”

By Sulekha Rawat

I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at writing 26 mini stories in 55 words each, and compiling them into a complete story. I had a wonderful time creating this fictional tale and look forward to our continued association even after the challenge is over and done with. Thank you and have a great day…happy writing.

20 thoughts on “Zipcode – A Story

  1. This is a super and a very fitting ending to a story that made our emotions go up and down like a yo-yo!! Well done Sulekha and looking forward to reading the entire story once again in an e-book format! Cheers 🙂 ♥

  2. Yay… I almost did a jig for Sia and Shiva. I truly don’t know how you managed it… Connecting 26 posts into a coherent story .. Amazing! Enjoyed every bit of it.

  3. YAY! Oh Sulekha – you made me so happy now… All just a dream.. Brilliant!! Thanks for the happy ending and congrats to you for completing the challenge! It has been great following you 🙂 Hugs

  4. have missed a lot many of your posts after my laptop sank….
    but have enjoyed them always….
    it was wonderful connecting with you…..
    looking forward to a lifelong association through our blogs…
    congratulations for the successful completion

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