Frantic – A Story

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Frantic calls for help by the fisherman drew a huge crowd at the beach where Shiva was brought out of the sea. He was thankful for the water which camouflaged his tears; his anguish was mistaken for his reaction to the near-drowning. Maybe he was cursed to suffer throughout his life for abandoning his love.

By Sulekha Rawat

I am participating in the blogging from A to Z Challenge from 1-30 April, 2014 and this post is written as a part of that challenge. Check out some amazing participating blogs hereMy theme for the challenge is 55 Fiction, stories in 55 words. I hope you enjoyed my story today.

24 thoughts on “Frantic – A Story

  1. πŸ™‚ I am feeling sorry for him!

    To suffer and realize is to atone, in a way.

    πŸ™‚ Eager to read more, Sulekha!

  2. Ohhh – I am getting curious now.. what happened to the poor guy…To Be continued– I hope:-) very well told!

  3. Aah! Can feel his anguish! What did he do??
    Loving the way you are doing your story in 55 words, Sulekha! Simply impressive πŸ™‚ ♥

  4. Nice post! I'm left hanging, though, 'cause I want to read more. may I ask the significance of the number 55 to you?

  5. Great job with this– to tell an entire story in such few lines is truly a challenge,which you've taken so well!

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