1. Vidya Sury

    🙂 I am feeling sorry for him!

    To suffer and realize is to atone, in a way.

    🙂 Eager to read more, Sulekha!

  2. eliexpat

    Ohhh – I am getting curious now.. what happened to the poor guy…To Be continued– I hope:-) very well told!

  3. gaurikekre

    I feel sorry for him Sulekha, I really do. But I cannot empathize with him. One must learn to move on.

  4. shilpaagarg

    Aah! Can feel his anguish! What did he do??
    Loving the way you are doing your story in 55 words, Sulekha! Simply impressive 🙂 ♥

  5. J.Gi Federizo

    Nice post! I'm left hanging, though, 'cause I want to read more. may I ask the significance of the number 55 to you?

  6. Damyanti

    Great job with this– to tell an entire story in such few lines is truly a challenge,which you've taken so well!

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