Help Her.

Girl pic editedShe winced at the pain in her abdomen but kept walking slowly towards the house at the end of the lane, clutched in her tiny, grubby hand was a chocolate wrapper. She trudged on towards ‘Uncle’s’ house. He opened the door and licked his lips in anticipation, she held out her hand for another chocolate.

By Sulekha Rawat

55onFriday_zpsdc08ddffThis is my submission for the 55 Fiction, a short story in just 55 words.


23 thoughts on “Help Her.

    1. Richa, you have got it right. I felt like protecting the innocent child from predators like him while writing this 55 fiction.

  1. Very sad. Such people take advantage of the fact that people trust them. They have this feeling that theyll never be caught. Parents should be watchful at all times.


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