1. rainbowhues23

    Awww, this brought tears to my eyes Sulekha. I hope Sparky gets better. I see her pictures on FB and am always smiling looking at her posing so beautifully for you. Am sure her loss would be painful for you but I hope she stays on and gets better quickly now 🙂 God speed

    • sulekharawat

      Kajal, thank you so much for your lovely words and your good wishes for Sparky's health. WE pray for the same things too.

  2. Awww! Your love for Sparky shines through your words, Sulekha! The devotion and unconditional love of our pets is so inspiring!
    Hope Sparky feels better! Take care and stay strong too!

    • sulekharawat

      Shilpa, I do love her more than life. There is nothing better than this kind of love, thank you so much.

  3. pixie

    Awwww.. Sparky sounds like such an adorable little guy!!
    Hugs to you and him! You love for him comes across very strongly in this post ! Made me smile 🙂

  4. vishalbheeroo

    Sparky is the perfect being for me. And we thought, perfect never existed. Inspiring words devoted to Sparky and wish the bond stays forever.
    My love to Sparky.

  5. Rickie Khosla

    It’s such a cruel irony that our four-legged pals give us so much joy for the duration of their lives, but then give us in such agony and despair when they go. Our family has still not recovered since we lost our twelve year old sometime ago.

    Here’s praying for you guys to have many, many more years with Sparky. Clearly she sounds like sunshine!

  6. I hope Sparky gets well soon. Your post brought back some memories of my dogs Snoopy and Fuji. Had to close my eyes and imagine myself hugging them.

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