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Book Review – Brida

Festival of Words : Book Review

Day 4


Author: Paulo Coelho
Genre: Romance & Spirituality/Fiction
Publisher: Harper Collins
Pub date: 2008

The story starts in Dublin with the 21-year-old Brida’s pursuit of magic, and when Magnus asks her why she wants to learn about magic, her answer doesn’t satisfy him. He is smitten the moment he sees her and believes her to be his soul mate. He poses a tough question to her and asks to choose between true love and the world of magic, she chooses true love and he agrees to teach her the tradition of the Sun . She learns a very important lesson on the first night out in the jungle, she survives the ordeal because she has faith in her guardian angel, she is not afraid.

Brida is a poignant story of love, ardor, and magical secrets. She learns to be brave and trust her instincts, grow spiritually and emotionally. To say that this is a love story won’t be doing it justice because it is not just about the relationship between Magnus and Brida or Wicca and Brida but a lot more.

I liked Brida, her confusion and challenges make her a very likeable and honest character, strong too. Magnus is another tortured soul, his heart and mind at war with each other, the conflict between reason and his feelings for her moved me deeply.

It is about the transformation of a young girl into a woman, about exiles and setting people free. Who goes into exile and who sets whom free? Do soul mates always end up together or do they  bless their other halves and say goodbye forever?

Read this spellbinding book and get all the answers to your questions like Brida did. I give it 4/5 stars.

By Sulekha Rawat

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16 thoughts on “Book Review – Brida

  1. Paulo Coelho's works are quite amazing aren't they?_I think my sister has this book – will borrow it from her. 🙂

  2. Spell binding. That's the correct work to describe Brida and Coelho's amazing body of works. It's a beautiful book and one of my most treasured possession:)

  3. I had loved this one, when this was gifted to me by my husband and I read it a few years ago. There’s an enigma about the character which I loved. A very apt review. Thanks, Sulekha!

  4. Brida, is lying in my library since a long time. Your review has made the decision for me.Will pick it up on priority! Thanks for sharing a crisp and a keen review, Sulekha 🙂

  5. Brida is one of my favourite books. Your post now gives me the sudden urge to read it again. Thank you – looks like the Universe has a message for me.

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