The Accident – a story in nine lines

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The Accident

20120902_164349Talking excitedly into her phone, Sia ran across the road without noticing the black car speeding towards her and when she did see the car, it was too late.

Rajan had been arguing with his business partner, Karan, who was trying to undermine his authority and spoil his reputation in the industry by maligning his name and business ethics.

Sia felt a crushing blow to her hips and was flung high up in the air, landing squarely on the bonnet of Rajan’s black Vento, causing a dent in its shiny body and damaging her own too.

Rajan was frozen with fear and shock but hearing the shouts of the angry onlookers by the road brought him out of his stupor, propelling him into action.

He hurried over to Sia’s still form lying on the road, bleeding from the deep wound on her forehead and her right leg bent and twisted at an odd angle, confirming his suspicion that it was broken.

Rajan picked her up gingerly and placed her gently on the back seat of his car, apologizing profusely to the unconscious and extremely beautiful girl who was oblivious to everything around her at the moment.

The drive to the hospital only took 10 minutes but each moment felt like an eternity to Rajan’s panicked mind, causing him to hyperventilate with anxiety and stress.

He was in luck as the doctor on duty was a compassionate woman who started first aid for Sia without inquiring about the accident and the admission papers for the hospital.

Rajan waited outside the operation theater where Sia was wheeled in for emergency surgery, and prayed for her recovery, promising god that he would never again talk on his cell phone while driving and would respect his life as well as of others’ too.

By Sulekha Rawat

32 thoughts on “The Accident – a story in nine lines

  1. Gosh!! What a horrible nightmare!!
    That's why we shouldn't text or talk while driving.. that one second makes all the difference in the world!!
    I hope Sia gets better soon

    1. It is a menace…hope we have fewer accidents due to cell phone usage while driving. Thank you for visiting and for your comment.

  2. I just hope Sia comes out of that hale and hearty! And these drivers on their mobiles are animals, I tell you! How often have I felt like giving them a piece of my mind. Although, to be fair, she is equally at fault: talking on the phone while crossing the road.

  3. Yes, I see so many people not only young kids but older folks also talking on their phones while driving. it is scary, thanks.

  4. Tarang, welcome to my blog and thank you for your lovely compliment. I tried to write my story in 9 sentences 🙂

  5. Talking and driving causes accidents and leaves people maimed for life. Hope Sia will be fine and on her feet again.
    Talking and crossing the road too is dangerous.

  6. A common practice, but so much of danger lurking in it. You've conveyed the message in strong yet subtle terms. Loved the way you crafted it in 9 crisp sentences. Thanks for sharing this and also for the message 🙂

  7. Superb! I love your message from this post delivered in such a scary way, Sulekha! Cell phones must be switched off while driving. The number of undeserving accidents they cause is frightening!

  8. Talking on phone while driving might have taken as many lives as drinking and drive cases. Hope Sia is alright soon. Well written story describing every details of the scene. Can fully imagine it.

  9. I hate it when people talk on mobile phone while driving and wished Rajan had learnt his mistake before the accident.

  10. Mobiles are a boon only if used cautiously. Rajan learnt his lesson but only at the cost of Sia's pain. Loved the post Sulekha.

  11. A very important point raised here. Many accidents are actually because of this careless habit of talking while driving.

  12. Yes, this is scary! So many people die with the one who is dead. Even the thought gives me shivers. A very nice story!

  13. That's one lesson many of us need to learn. Bye the way .. we have a black Vento.. your story is too close for comfort!!

  14. so many people still do that.. sad to say, even my professional friends (docs) show no sense in this matter. Have made an issue about this less than 48 hrs ago to a young doc who was chatting on the phone while driving us to a destination.

  15. Cell phones…murderous weapons! Seriously while driving, while crossing roads one should never talk, text or even listen to music. Superb story with a message Sulekha 🙂

  16. An important message in this story – may many read and learn from it! Too bad Sia had to pay, but hope Rajan learned his lesson, and will pay it forward. A so well told story!

  17. Accidents have been a theme for me today–not the tragic kind, fortunately 🙂 Nice job with a story in nine lines; tough to do, isn't it?

    Thanks for joining the FB blitz on Life In Dogs last week; all those comments made me insanely happy. Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. One need to be cautious while driving and walking on the road. I've been careless like that a couple of times:)

  19. OMG! That was a horrible thing to happen to Sia & Rajan …both. That's what I tell everybody- "don't talk on the phone while driving/crossing a road".

  20. Very poignant story with a very important message. Talking on phone and driving just doesnt mix. Hope people realize this before anything untoward happens like Rajan and Sia in this story!

  21. Talking, texting while driving is so dangerous and actually I don't know how one can do that – driving needs so much concentration. A good message very well written.

  22. I always make it a point to ask the people with whom I'm talking on the phone whether they are driving or not. If they confirm that they are driving, I cut the call and tell them I will call back later. I'm notorious among my people for this.

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