1. Thank you so much Sulekha for choosing me. I am delighted and honored to chosen by a Blogger of your caliber. You just made my day !

  2. Aditi

    I have read Ruchira's blog on and off and it is a delight to read her! And thank you for introducing Kriti's blog here. Having already met her in person, I can tell her space is surely a fabulous one. Hopping over to her blog now!

  3. eliexpat

    I don't know any of them, but they sure sounds like "my cup of tea" – You present them beautifully:-) Thanks for sharing and will for sure have a look at them:-)

  4. rainbowhues23

    I really love Ruchira's work but i still have to discover Kriti…now that you recommend…let me get on to that 🙂 Thanks!

  5. pixie

    I read Ruchira's blog and I agree, her posts literally transport you!

    Thank you for introducing Kriti.. I haven't read her before

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