1. sometimes there are just too many questions in the mind right? Like at this time I’m thinking should I go to the parlor tomorrow or not? Or should I just sleep…? And I have a headache so should I take medicine or not…

  2. I have days like that when my brain is overthrown with questions to the point I think it will explode. Course it never does thankfully. Loved your free write! ♥

  3. rainbowhues23

    Ha Ha!! Just apt for the prompt…a stream of thoghts, I often find myself doing this too and then I forget where i started so I track back… 🙂

  4. obsessivemom

    So many questions… That's exactly what happens if we let the mind wander.. How hard it is to reign it in! Perfect response to the prompt.

  5. shilpakgarg

    We are in the same boat, no, train, Sulekha!! The train of thoughts does not follow a set path, it can go anywhere and in any direction!! 🙂
    And no, you have not lost it!! 🙂

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