This week – Feb 10-16 is the Random Acts of Kindness Week – celebrating kindness and love, and Valentine’s Day on the 14th makes it even more exciting!

For this contest we have the choice of either submitting a story, a poem, or an essay on the following prompt:

Listen with the ears of tolerance! See through the eyes of compassion! Speak with the language of love! ~ Rumi

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My short story is all about tolerance, compassion and loving words in a relationship.


Piyush and Rupa were running late, they wanted to rush out of the house and be on their way to the multinational bank they both worked at, but the sudden noise from the kitchen stopped them from leaving.

They ran to the kitchen and were greeted with an alarming sight, there were sparks coming out of the microwave’s switch. The frightened old woman stood trembling in front of the microwave, wringing her hands in anguish and repentance. “I am sorry, Rupa. I was heating up the paranthas for breakfast and the wire caught fire.”

“Mummyji, how many times will I have to tell you to stop trying to help us, you only make it worse.”

Rupa’s harsh tone made mummyji’s eyes well up with tears and she looked at her son for support, who in turn joined his wife in berating and reprimanding his own mother. “ Mummy, why do you do these irritating things, learn to work the oven before touching and spoiling it. It costs money you know, nothing comes cheap”.

Piyush’s father comes to his wife’s rescue and admonishes the young couple for their insensitive remarks. “I f only I had got an inkling of how you both would treat us, I would never have come to live with you, and subject my wife to your cruel jibes”.

“Papa, do you know what mummy has done? She has spoilt the oven, last week it was the washing machine. What sane person puts in 5 capfuls of detergent in the machine, the overflowing soapy water short-circuited the machine. We are fed up of her antics and stupidity.”

Piyush and Rupa stormed out of the house and banged the door behind them, leaving the old couple in stunned silence. Their five-year old granddaughter, mini was silently watching this drama unfold and had tears in her eyes. Mini ran to her granny and hugged her tight while muttering, “I hate mummy and papa. They made you cry, I will not speak to them ever.”

“No Mini, don’t ever say such things. Your parents are good people and they only lost their temper because the oven is new and will cost a lot of money to repair it. I am old and very sensitive, that’s why I cry so easily. Promise me you will never say that you hate your parents”, the grandmother planted a loving kiss on Mini’s forehead and smiled.

For the second time that morning, there was a crash in the room. The tiffin had fallen out of Rupa’s hands and its contents were lying scattered on the floor. She had forgotten to take her laptop and had come in and heard the conversation between her daughter with her grandmother. She fell at her mother in law’s feet and begged for forgiveness, the three generation of women hugged and smiled at each other lovingly.

Sulekha Rawat

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33 thoughts on “Realization

  1. That was such a lovely ending.. glad the middle generation too came into it eventually. I can actually see this happening in today's world right? The elders flummoxed by the unforgiving attitude of our generation while kids get more disheartened…

  2. That's my favouritest kind of story.. The kind that make you feel all warm and mushy. The three women hugging is the picture I keep in my heart as I go to bed tonight. Thanks Sulekha.

  3. Just to let you know that I was here – over a year late – but I’m reviewing the entries to make sure the results of this contest are announced finally. My apologies for the inordinate delay. Keep writing, Sulekha.

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