1. shilpakgarg

    Aha! Kenchi!! Heard and read and thought about this style of cycling after ages!! And this brought such a big happy smile. Yes, I remember riding a bicycle that way too!! As you rightly mentioned, it certainly required certain skill to ride that way 😀
    Thanks for adding some smiles this side 🙂

  2. rainbowhues23

    They say learning to ride a bicycle is the first lesson in independence. Beautiful post.

    I never learnt how to ride a bike and that's a story I guess I must share too sometime 😉

  3. I have a very similar memory of my dad teaching me to ride a bike. "You can do it!", he would say, each time I wasn't able to peddle properly. 🙂 Very fond memories indeed. And they sure bring on a smile. <3

  4. Lovely Sulekha…this brought back such fond memories of me and sis learning the cycle and then the Car…taught by daddy! Yes, a father’s ‘ you can do it’ stays with us for years and helps is to achieve even the impossible!

  5. subzeroricha

    This one memory remains with each one of us. That moment when the parent leaves the bicycle signifies so many turning points in our life..


  6. shivakapoor

    Yes I agree with Richa … all of us have this moment in our lives when parents just let go..hoping and praying we wont fall..and i feel that takes more courage for them than the kid sitting on that cycle

  7. Geeta Nair

    You reminded me of my childhood and my dad. I too had the good fortune of riding his bicycle again an Atlas, in the same 'kenchi' style. It was super fun. My sister and myself would run to grab the cycle when he returned from office.

  8. I never learnt how to cycle having lived in a small hill station where everywhere I could go by walking or had my dad's car take me…But I so wish I had learnt!

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