• sulekharawat

      Hi Meena, I hope I am reading your comment right because it is a bit confusing. 'Nothing is impossible', was coined for a reason 🙂 and one can always try, right? Thanks for your visit.

  1. Vaisakh

    All 10 points were wonderful, and actually food for thought for those who haven't made such a list. I especially liked the points about helping others, dreaming big and letting universe take its course

    • sulekharawat

      Hi Vaisakh,
      These are some things my dad always believed in and I am his daughter 🙂 thanks for your lovely comment.

  2. subzeroricha

    firstly I find meena's comment funny 😀 Yes they do seem impossible Sulekha I will admit but I will also say that they are all depended on one person and that is you. Hence the efforts are going to be more internal than otherwise. All the best sweetie 🙂

    • sulekharawat

      Richa, that makes two of us 🙂 Don't we all depend on our inner strenght to live a happy and successful life? Thank you so much for leaving such an encouraging comment on my blog.

    • sulekharawat

      Thanks Suzy, I am a firm believer of fate and the higher power. God helps those, those who help themselves, so we are trying 🙂

  3. shilpakgarg

    Fantastic promises, Sulekha! Wishing you all the very best as you keep these promises daily in your life! Cheers 🙂

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