The Long Wait – Wednesday Prompt 2014 – 3

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Wednesday prompt 2014 – 3

– and it is a photo prompt!  Here is the pic:


                                                             The long wait

The gardener has been instructed by Rob Parker, not to sweep the back porch, in fact he is forbidden to even set foot in there. He is all too happy to skip cleaning half the area, and get paid for the whole, some people are born lucky, he thought to himself. He also thought Rob was crazy to employ a gardener and not make him earn his keep, he assumed that the Parkers were fortunate enough to be born into money and didn’t think twice about wasting it. Little did he know of their misfortune and why Rob wouldn’t allow him to rake the leaves and clean the lawn at the back of the house.

Rob and Jane Parker had moved into this house after their son, tony was born, five years ago. Tony had loved playing in the garden and would refuse to come inside the house even after dark; he loved his trampoline, lovingly put in the garden by his parents. He had been a high-spirited child and enjoyed jumping on his trampoline, trying to reach for the clouds in the sky.

One day he decided to bounce up as high as he possibly could, he did jump up very high but in all the excitement of leaping so high, he lost his balance and fell head-first by the side of the trampoline. His sandals, a birthday gift from Jane, were a bit loose for him and he had insisted on wearing those on that fateful day. One sandal had come off of his tiny foot in the air itself and landed close to his body. Jane went completely crazy on seeing Tony’s limp little body. All that blood made her heart literally stop, and she had collapsed right next to her baby.

Rob had walked in to see his precious family encased in white sheets; it had felt like his soul was being wrapped up in a shroud of anguish and heartbreak. He had noticed the lone sandal on the ground, cordoned off by a yellow tape by the city police, and had insisted on it being left there after the investigations were over. He didn’t want it touched or moved from the spot it had fallen; he sat there for hours daily, looking at it and wishing for his Tony and Jane to come back into his empty and lonely life. He waited…


Sulekha Rawat

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  1. Very poignant and moving post, could almost visualise the little one jumping up and down on his trampoline. Very well written.

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