I need to recharge my hair to write bestsellers :)

Recharge your hair and recharge your life.

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I have been pulling my hair out ever since I became a writer and the more blocked for ideas I am, the harder I pull at my poor, innocent hair. They are the victim of my twisted thinking, that yanking and tugging at them might dislodge the plethora of words buried under their roots.

Ever since I read about the ‘recharge your hair and recharge your life’ by  Sunsilk, my dreams have been silky and smooth like the hair I want.  I looked up the definition of the word Recharge and came up with the two meanings, verb and noun. Verb– restore electrical energy in (a battery or a battery-operated device) by connecting it to a power supply. Noun– the replenishment of an aquifer by the absorption of water.

Both these definitions talk about restoring and replenishing, so recharging our hair is basically rejuvenating it, and my hair needs all the nourishment I can afford to give it. Have you seen my hair? It is dry, damaged and frizzy due to constant abuse in the name of fashion and trends. I remember the first time that I had got my hair permed, I must have been around 18 years old.

Dimple Kapadia in the movie ‘Insaaf’ had me rushing to a parlour near my home for bleaching my hair and almost burning my scalp in the process, and then came the application of henna. I had become a red-head at 20. A couple of years later, the perm was back in vogue and so I was a curly-haired college girl yet again.


At the age of thirty, my hair started turning gray and it necessitated the use of hair color to hide the ugly grays and keep up the illusion of youth. Now after almost 2 decades of countless hair color treatments, my hair has lost the battle to be young and healthy. At this stage in life, the idea of a product actually making a difference and bringing the old glory back is too good to pass on, so I am rushing out to get this ambrosia for my parched and long-suffering hair.

Every time I go in for a head massage or hair spa, my hair stylist clucks his tongue at the amount of hair I shed, also hair spas are too expensive and time-consuming. So If I can get a magic potion to recharge my dull and aging hair and make it shine like a teenager’s, I would love it. Maybe then I can comb my hair daily and not only when I am about to step out of the house, the fear of going bald will slide off my mind.

Maybe I will be able to write bestsellers once my hair is recharged and well nourished, after all a healthy head gives out healthier ideas. I might write a story on how my hair inspired me to become a prolific writer.

Sulekha Rawat





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