Sulekha writes about ‘ Rachna Says: Much Ado About Everything.’

Blog Review of ‘ Rachna Says: Much Ado About Everything.’

Merry Christmas

This post is a part of the ‘The Secret Blog Elves – 2013 event’ by Indiblogeshwaris, a Facebook group of some of the finest women bloggers 🙂  This is how we celebrate Christmas, by spreading happiness and good cheer around.

The blog I am writing a review for is www.rachnaparmar.com  ‘Rachna says-Much ado about everything’ by Rachna Parmar.

I had received a message in my inbox last week, giving me the name and url of the blog I was to review for this Christmas event. The blogger is someone I cyber-knew as a fellow blogger but had missed out on reading her brilliant posts. I am so glad I opted for this Tuesday thingy 🙂 and came across her interesting posts on various topics, from blogging to social issues, parenting, musings and many more.

The first thing that I noticed about her blog is the homepage, simple, elegant and uncluttered; the other was the vast range of topics she has written on. Like a curious child, I went to read her about me and was so relieved to read that she too is a science graduate. I have been asked this question so many times about how come I chose the field of writing after studying Zoology. I guess having a degree in English Literature is not a prerequisite for entering the field of blogging, as is clear from Rachna’s successful and long tenure in this field.

Rachna writes what she feels; no pretenses there and that is a good thing because, one gets to read honest, straight from the heart thoughts. I believe writing is the ‘boldest’ profession, at least good writing is. Unless you can see the real emotions in the words you don’t feel their intensity and warmth.

I am still going through her posts, which are divided into almost 30 categories and enjoying her distinctive style of putting down her thoughts. She has a clear and strong voice, reaching the readers and resonating with them. It is an eclectic mix of articles here and there is something for everyone in this blog. It is very difficult for me to pin point one single post I loved, all are refreshingly different and equally engaging. One can spend hours going through the various posts on different topics and still come back hungry for more. I would recommend her blog to all bloggers, old and new, do not miss it.

Thank you Indiblogeshwaris, for giving me this opportunity to read, reflect on and review this amazing blog.

Wish you all, and your loved ones, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…

Christmas tree
Christmas tree

Sulekha Rawat

Posting the link, to the most generous with her words and emotions, blogger’s blog where she has written such a beautiful review for my Memoirs. Thank you so much for the same, dear UmaS.



22 thoughts on “Sulekha writes about ‘ Rachna Says: Much Ado About Everything.’

  1. Rachna Says is one of the finest out there. Clear, perfect and meaningful messages written from the heart. Second and third everything in this review.

    1. Hi Subho, welcome to my blog. Thank you for visiting and writing such an insightful comment, I love Rachna's blog too 🙂

  2. Will be dropping by Rachna's blog. I too like the straight from the heart posts. I loved this "prompt" it was such fun. Will be doing the rounds of all blogs in the next few days. Have a blessed Christmas Sulekha and thank you for dropping by my post.

    1. I know you do, Suzy. That's what makes us all connect here 🙂 Happy holidays to you too. Thanks for your visit.

  3. Oh yes, she is one of the best out there 🙂 I have been following her for a long time now and I am always eager to know her point of view through her posts and otherwise 🙂

  4. Rachna Says is one of best blog blogosphre has to offer. I am so glad I discovered Rachna ! Thank you Sulekha for such a wonderful review of Rachna’s blog. I don’t think a degree in literature is a prerequisite for good writing and both you and Rachna examplify that !

  5. Sulekha, thank you so much for your visits, comments and for your truly beautiful blog review! So happy to have connected with you through this activity. This is such a fantastic Christmas gift. <3!

    1. Hi Rachna, it was my pleasure reviewing your fab blog. I will be a regular visitor there now 🙂 Thank you for your comment.

  6. Sulekha, you got a fantabulous blog to review, lucky you! Rachna is truly a wonderful blogger. Her thoughts are just as you read them, clear, concise and apt. She minces no words and that's what I love the best. So glad that you found a fellow blogger from your respective educational background. Such wonderful things we discover when we share.

    Your review about her blog was straight from the heart, just the way she writes. Very well done, indeed, secret blogger elf!

    1. Thanks Vinita, it was a wonderful initiative to get secret elves to review blogs, thanks. You and Janaki came up with a winner here 🙂 Love your comment.

  7. Sulekha you have written a beautiful review of a beautiful blog. I am a regular viewer of Rachna’s blog site. She is very talented,writes on several issues of interest to every body and writes from her heart,

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