Child Brides and Broken Toys

Child Brides and Broken Toys

Her tattered dolls snatched from her

the broken, mismatched train set

put away in a rusted old box.

The little stuffed dog made so lovingly

with white and black beads

pushed under the bed, carelessly

by her guardian’s foot.


Kicking and screaming she is led

to the holy fire burning so bright.

Painted face and wrapped

in a sequined sari,

that feels like a shroud.


The kohl streaking down

her bewildered face

mixed with her pleading salty tears

marking her face,

fear marking her soul.


The groom leers at his child bride

smacks his lips in anticipation.

His middle-aged porky face glows

with lust and unconstrained glee.


He lets out a loud burp filling

the air with the smell of rotten eggs.

Just like his wish to marry a child,

contaminates the society

with its nauseating odor and ugliness.


An innocent is bought and paid for

by this filthy man from the neighborhood.

The obliged poor parents willingly

sacrifice their daughter’s happiness

for a few morsels of food.


They can’t afford to be sentimental

as they have 4 more mouths to feed.

This one will pay for a few months

to keep their bellies full.

Until it is time to slaughter yet another

this vicious cycle will continue.


Stop this madness and

help these little ones live

a life of dignity and pride.

Teach them.

Make them independent

get them out of the dark.

and lead them towards,

progress and light.Sulekha Rawat

p.s. I have linked this post to Blog for a cause – 2 by Sugandha of Shades of Life.

9 thoughts on “Child Brides and Broken Toys

  1. Sulekha please go ahead and link it up. This is wonderful…simple yet so powerful. We dont need long prose when a poem like this can evoke the right sentiments

    1. Sugandha, appreciate your visit and encouragement. I would be honored to link my poem to your blog, thanks.

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