The noose around my neck was choking life out of me.

The stool under my feet was trying to hold my weight.

I’d kicked it away and closed my eyes.

I was ready to end the suffering and take wings to fly.


Was it your hand that had loosened the knot?

Had your arms tried to hold me up?

Was it you who’d kept the stool upright?

Did you try to stop me from leaving this world?


You needn’t had bothered as it was a futile attempt.

Or had you forgotten why I had done it?

Your indifference had already choked life out of me.

Your disregard had kicked the stool away long ago.


You had all but hanged me by yourself,

with an invisible and uncaring rope.

I had died long before you’d said, ‘I Don’t’


I’d closed my eyes to the possibility of loving you.

I’d dared to say goodbye, it was a brave thing to do.

I’d severed all ties, imagined and real.


So do me a favor and let the knot stay.

Don’t try to help now as it is too late.

You go your merry way, I’ll go mine.


I need the welcome reprieve.

I want the dark oblivion.

I seek the release of my soul,

from the confines of this ravaged,

and devastated hollow heart.




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