1. meenamenon

    The biggest grouse i hv with my husband is he never ever makes chai for your struly :(. But nee not complaining as there are too many plus to negate this minus 🙂

  2. menons129

    Sulekha this is very interesting. Your Adam must be enjoying and in his heart of heart repeating 'I love you' hundreds of times.

  3. payal pasha

    beautiful ways to convey those three little words…my Adam wakes me up if he happens to wake up before the alarm…no matter how early…as he simply wants my company. There has to be a gift every valentine and woman's day. Surprise gifts are quite often…..for no reason and one reason alone..that I am his wife! And so much is said in those quiet spots in conversations, furtive glances, hints of smiles, brushing of hands, etc etc. A loving write Sulekha…. thank you for sharing your intimate moments. 🙂

  4. shilpaagarg

    Awww!! This is so very sweet! Though Eve is comfortable in saying ILU frequently, Adam still has issues in saying these 3 magical words. But he surely loves his Eve and shows his love in these ways and much more! 🙂

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