Write Tribe – Haiku

We will use a “Kigo” as our prompt. And since it’s the rainy season (at least here in India!) what better prompt can there be! So write a Haiku, with some element of the Rains in it. Your “Kigo” can be anything, clouds, raindrops, frogs, paper boats …. Let your imagination soar!

And remember the essence of a Good Haiku is to show your readers and not tell!

Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt: Haiku


This is my very first attempt at Haiku, so please be kind in your comments 🙂

Suggestions are very welcome.



( Edited one :))


A warm silent tear

lost in the cemetery

deafening echo



By Sulekha aka Lucks





8 thoughts on “Write Tribe – Haiku

    1. Hi Ruchira, I am glad 🙂 I did it after reading a bit more about writing haikus in your post and the net. I am getting the hang of it but slowly.

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