Room in your Heart.

This post is my submission for  the Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt #7


Tears of regret

“Sometimes the smallest of things take up the most room in your heart” –Winnie the Pooh

We all are intelligent, logical people and know right from wrong, at least most of us do, but still when it comes to certain emotions, we are helpless to keep them under check. One such very strong emotion is regret! However much we try to get it out of our heads and hearts, it stays put.

I can’t speak for others but I do tend to let regret build a multistorey mansion in my heart and even employ a watchman, Guilt, to safeguard it. The foundation of this devastating emotion is so deep and dark that no amount of well-meaning firm and friendly shakes by logic and common sense can move it by even an inch.

There are so many regrets in my life and they all are housed in this skyscraper of a monstrosity. There is no Landlord-tenant agreement clause of eleven months here, the contract is for life and I am serving this life sentence ever since its construction.

The regret remains dormant for a while but rears its ugly head unexpectedly and without any provocation from my side, at inappropriate times. I reel under its vicious attack and am left holding on to my tattered heart long after it has receded into its unmarked apartment in Regretsville.

I am on the lookout for a demolition team which can bring this house of bitter and hurtful emotion down. I need to evict it from my psyche, once and for all. If you know someone who can do this job for me, do let me know.

Thanks in advance

Sulekha aka Lucks


28 thoughts on “Room in your Heart.

  1. sadly there is no demolition team- It will be only one person in that team and thats u……!
    good one sulekha…we all fight our demons 🙂 so tc nd hav fun !

  2. What a powerful piece of writing this is, Sulekha. I am certain you will find the resources within you and around you for the process that you have already begun. My thoughts and prayers, friend….

    1. Coming from you it is the best compliment, Corinne. thanks for sharing The artist's Way with me, it is an awesome book.

  3. The demolition team, too, resides in you but in a small corner. Give it a marching order to come out of its safety zone to start its work.

  4. They say we have all the resources we need within ourselves. Maybe that demolition team is hiding in the corners somewhere.. I am sure you would find them.
    Wonderfully written.

  5. The Demolition team is right there – have you missed it around you?
    Beautiful analogy, Sulekha… was really touched.

    1. Thanks Shilpa, I am reading this book Corinne had recommended and it is changing my writing. Thanks for link.

  6. Little but occupies a hell lot of space, and for a long time too. I think the demolition team might be called hope and I pray you find it to demolish regret and keep hope for the future 🙂

  7. Sulekha.. A big Hug for you and I wish love demolishes all the hurt negativity and painful reminders out of you..I wish you so many newer experiences that makes you just dance to the gleeful music of your soul..I wish you, YOU, the most powerful demolisher who can clean and delete it forever..Take care.. Big Hug ^~^

    1. Welcome Kathy and thank you for your lovely comment. I wish you well and hope the building in your heart comes down soon.

  8. Most of us are on the same path Sulekha. We tend to let go or tuck it away…but, confront and accept them. Make peace with them.

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