Good housekeeping and Me?

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I am a lousy cook and

a messy housekeeper.

But I do make,

one solemn promise.

That I will not let the,

dust of neglect settle on,

our feelings for each other.


I will not let the,

cobwebs of indifference,

form on our eternal bond.

I may not sweep the rooms daily,

But my heart will be cleansed,

every day, of all that is ugly,

sad and injurious to our,

emotional health,

in any which way.


I may not daily wash,

the windows of the rooms.

But the windows of my soul,

will be dusted with,

renewed vows every day,

so that you can see,

how much you mean to me.


Please excuse my nonexistent,

housekeeping skills in this

material world,

And welcome to,

my humble emotional abode.



Sulekha aka Lucks

10 thoughts on “Good housekeeping and Me?

  1. Wonderfully said… ! after all we all wish well… its just that we have only 2 hands and 2 legs and just one life and so much to do ! 😀

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