Because I need to survive,

I have to stop breathing your name.

Also you haven’t got a clue,

how many times I think of you.


It’s bad enough when I am awake,

but asleep too, I am with you.

Do I sleep in my dreams?

or dream in my sleep?

I can’t tell? Can you?


I need to stop my heart from ,

aching for your touch and

rebelling against my fate.

I have to forbid my soul,

from reaching out to her mate.

Sulekha aka Lucks

26 thoughts on “Because…

  1. Leaves bittersweet taste in my mouth..hunger for one's attention..one's touch..to want to feel the passion running…ah! you raced my mind! 😀

  2. You wrote this for me. I know you did. The last two lines were a dagger. The point is now sticking out of my back.

    Enough said.

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