100 Words On Saturday 7 Prompt : MASK/S

I never needed a mask with you.

I could be myself, be true.

You saw me whole,

witnessed my soul.

You didn’t flinch from me then.


I presented myself to you,

like a newborn with the,

umbilical chord, uncut.

Raw, exposed, vulnerable,

I was always with you.


To give you credit,

you never once laughed at me.

Didn’t flinch, or turn away, then.

Now you can’t seem to look,

or even care to understand.


What became of us?

Why did we drift away?

I find I need masks to hide behind,

I can’t seem to be Me with you.


Sulekha aka Lucks

5 thoughts on “Mask

    1. Thanks Corinne, some words lay dormant for ages and erupt like a volcano at the slightest nudge. Prompts are a good wake-up call to creativity.

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