I often wonder about your silence.

Why do you never say what you feel?

Am I to assume that you are fine,

with us being apart all the time?


Does your heart ever recall,

our first meeting in the fall?

How I had tried to act mature,

when all I’d wanted was ,

to jump with joy and scream.


You have that effect on my senses,

You make me swing and swoon.

I lose myself in your toasty eyes,

I belong to you in all my dreams.


The heart once lost, remains,

forever untraced, unfound.

It hides in the folds of the,

sweetheart’s precious soul.


Where it beats joyously,

and makes music divine.

His soul and yours sway,

to its rhythmic beat.

Your world is just fine.


When you don’t say, “I love you”,

I start to wonder all over again.

Has my life  lost all meaning?

How am I surviving without YOU?


Can one ever be cured of the malady called Love?



Sulekha aka Lucks














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